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Snake Bytes 11/5: Awards Season Underway

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The Gold Glove winners have been announced, kicking off the brief awards season.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Quotes

"Pitching didn't work out too well."

-Evan Marzilli

Diamondback Digest

Evan Marzilli Making Most of AFL Opportunity

The Diamondbacks drafted Evan Marzilli in the 8th round of the 2012 draft. While playing mostly center field in his career, Marzilli is adjusting to playing the corners and is looking to contribute in any way he can.

Around MLB

Gold Glove Winners Announced

In the National League, Yadier Molina won his seventh consecutive Gold Glove Tuesday night. Andrelton Simmons won his second in a row, on his way to what is probably going to be many more. In the American League, both the Royals and the Orioles fielded three Gold Glove winners.

Kershaw, Trout Lead the Way for MVP Finalists

In addition to being the clear front-runner for the NL Cy Young Award, Clayton Kershaw is trying to join a very select company of pitchers who have gone on to win both the Cy Young and the MVP.

Dodgers Hire Farhan Zaidi as GM

Considered a "stats guy", the former Athletics' Assistant GM will be taking the helm for the Dodgers under Andrew Friedman. Additionally, it seems that former Diamondback and Padre GM, Josh Byrnes, will be joining the Dodgers as a Scouting Director.