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Snake Pit Appraisals: Tuffy Gosewisch

How does the SnakePit community feel Tuffy Gosewisch stack up in 2014?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


Somehow he has 3 hits off of Kershaw, so thats cool

A+ hair

and some pretty good defense.

A very good receiver


53ops+ is pretty atrocious even for a backup catcher

A not very good hitter.


by xmet

Towards 2015

If Montero is traded

Tuffy can certainly fill the position next season without the team missing all that much.

If we’re writing off 2015, keep him till we know if O’Brien can handle the position.

by TucsonTim

Comment of the thread

I think we are missing one key factor here

That he was our backup catcher while ALSO winning nationals at three different Cat Fancy competitions. His owner, Madam Josie Gosewich was so proud she could plotz.

The Tally

  • 5 - Highly satisfied: 12%
  • 4 - Fairly satisfied: 42%
  • 3 - Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied: 34%
  • 2 - Somewhat dissatisfied: 12%
  • 1 - Very dissatisfied: 2%

Perhaps a surprisingly strong showing by Tuffy, it seems like most people shrugged and said, "well, what did we expect from a back-up catcher?" Of course, there were a few that didn't like his atrocious hitting, but it seems most were more than fine with him taking every 4th or 5th game.

The Scoreboard

  1. Josh Collmenter: 4.71 (151 votes)
  2. Paul Goldschmidt: 4.64 (168 votes)
  3. Chase Anderson: 4.18 (161)
  4. Eury de la Rosa: 3.63 (91)
  5. Tuffy Gosewisch: 3.5 (113)
  6. Mike Bolsinger: 2.67 (117)
  7. Bronson Arroyo: 2.63 (125)
  8. Randall Delgado: 2.25 (122)
  9. Trevor Cahill: 1.07 (147)