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Poll: 2014 Diamondbacks funniest moment

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No-one came with any credible alternatives - you people have an odd definition of "fun" - so the five original nominees stand in this category. Here they are, in all their glory...

@Dbacks, via Twitter
21 March: Bus breaks down. D-backs: "no big", go walkabout
17 May: Senator McCain shoots fire from his fingers after Goldie homer

During the slugfest against the Dodgers - a credible other funniest moment from that night was watching Clayton Kershaw get lifted from the game in the second, like a disconsolate Amish farmer... - Paul Goldschmidt hit a grand slam. Sen. John McCain was in attendance, and was quite pleased by this. My reaction wasn't all that different at home. However, a) I'm not a US Senator, and b) nobody took video footage and turned it into a sparkly celebration of the moment. Hattip to Redditors go_dbacks for the idea, and lbutler0000107 for the execution.

McCain fire gif

17 June: Collmenter goes Jedi
31 August: Rookie dress-up day

All season: Brandon McCarthy's Twitter