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Introducing the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards + 2014 D-backs funniest moment nominations

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With baseball out of the way, that means it's now time for the awards season! As well as the standard AZ SnakePit categories, we'll also be taking part in a process across all the SB Nation baseball sites.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We're going to focus on 6 main categories. For each of these, the first stage is a post where we open nominations for the category - while we've got our own ideas for candidates, you can suggest others that were missed, and the number of "recs" received will factor into the final choice. The next stage, starting the following day, is a poll for the top 4-5 choices, which will decide the SnakePit winner.  A committee of qualified individuals from  the mothership will select nominees from the team site winners and host a nationwide vote for each category.

The categories, and schedule for the nominations post, are as follows. The nationwide polls will follow in the second half of November.

  • Nov 3rd: Funniest moment
  • Nov 5th: Most regrettable moment
  • Nov 7th: Defensive play
  • Nov 10th: Most important hit
  • Nov 12th: Pitching Appearance
  • Nov 14th: non-Diamondback Team of the year

So, we start things off with a trawl through the D-backs season. Were there any moments which made us smile through the tears?

2014 Diamondbacks funniest moment
  • 21 March: Bus breaks down. D-backs: "no big", go walkabout
  • 17 May: Senator McCain shoots fire from his fingers after Goldie homer
  • 17 June: Collmenter goes Jedi at Phoenix ComicCon
  • 31 August: Rookie dress-up day
  • All season: Brandon McCarthy's Twitter (take your pick!)

Yeah, it wasn't a laugh-riot, and so not exactly what you'd call easy trying to come up with them - pretty much the entire season can be summed up with a pained grimace rather than a smile, but I'm sure there were other lighter moments I've missed. If you can think of any, lob it up in the comments, be it a GIF, Tweet, video or whatever. If you want to endorse a suggestion previously nominated by another commentor, click the "rec" button. We'll round up the top offerings, and submit them for your final selection in a poll tomorrow evening.