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Snakebytes 11/3: Bradley shines, Montero on trade block

Looks like we get a bit of an Oasis of news in this desert of an off-season.

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Mark Nolan

"I am beginning to hit a groove now. Hopefully, I can finish strong and roll that into spring coaching."

-Archie Bradley on his All Star outting

"We made some tweaks with staying back and getting my front foot down," Bradley said. "I’ve just been throwing strikes since then. It’s still a work in progress, but I feel a lot more confident and a lot better with where I’m at."

-More Archie

"It's almost like he's thrown it his entire life. We're applying it a pretty great amount in the games. We're having ahead with guys on it and we're putting guys away with it."

- Diamondbacks catcher Peter O'Brien on Archie Bradley

Diamondbacks News

Archie Bradley looks better in Arizona Fall League All-Star Game

Teams don't typically send their greatest pitching prospects to the fall league, but in Archie Bradley's case, he can use the innings immediately after missing almost two months with elbow troubles.

Diamondbacks prospect Archie Bradley has added a slider to his repertoire

Diamondbacks pitching prospect Archie Bradley started and got the win in the Arizona Fall League Fall Stars Game. He went two innings, allowing a hit and a walk while recording a strikeout. More importantly, Bradley continued to throw a slider, a pitch he has recently added into his repertoire along with his fastball, curve, and change-up.

Archie Bradley looks better in Arizona Fall League All-Star Game

For Diamondbacks prospect Archie Bradley, pitching in the Arizona Fall League hasn't been so much about numbers or results, but about rediscovering a feeling he had somehow lost. He thinks he's finally found it.

Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero appears to be on trading block

In an interview last week, CEO Derrick Hall talked about the need for the Diamondbacks to "get creative" in trades as a way of freeing up salary to fill holes. It became clear Sunday that one way of being creative could be to deal catcher Miguel Montero.

"They've definitely put him out there," a source with a rival club said.

Diamondbacks "willing to trade" catcher Miguel Montero

A member of the D’Backs front office told Rosenthal that the club is merely in "listening mode," but rival execs say the 31-year-old catcher is being shopped.

NL West team-by-team hot stove preview

Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall has confirmed that a $90 million estimated payroll is "probably a number that makes a lot of sense right now."

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