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SnakePit Appraisals: Gerardo Parra

Our double Gold Glover left the desert, to an uncertain future. What did the 'Pit think of Parra's final season as a Diamondback?

One last Parra-zooka...
One last Parra-zooka...
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
  • "He gave us a lot of highlights with the glove, and always gave his best. That is what we will remember him for." -- shoewizard
  • "If he could have hit I would have given him a 3" -- AzRattler
  • "TOOTBLANS and those Double Plays he always seemed to hinder him much this year. Plus his defense was kinda shabby as well." -- AZRattler
  • "I wasn't expecting much from him offensively  But his defense regressed so much last season, and if his defense isn’t good there isn’t really much of a reason to play him." -- JoeCB1991
  • "With Gold gloves from 2011 and 2013, I expected better defense. His offense seems about average with two weaknesses. One is OPS+ of 85. Pinch hitting is the other." -- Makakilo
  • "Never developed into the line drive , doubles hitting , batting avg machine we hoped. Too many ground balls, too weak vs. lefties." -- shoewizard
  • "For one reason or another, his signature defensive results simply werent there." -- Diamondhacks
  • "None us of know why Parra played so much worse in 2014... I had followed Gerardo from AA ball. He had a lot of skills when he entered the league. But in 2014, he squandered them somehow. Headcase? Perhaps." -- ford.williams.10
  • "Exceedingly mediocre on all levels in 2014 and one of the team’s biggest disappointments." -- desertice
  • "The raw talent at times pushed the metrics in his favor. This season not even that could compensate for the flaws." -- Fangdango
Towards 2015
  • "Arbitration will increase his $4.85 million salary, which already greatly exceeds his value." -- Makakilo
  • "The video piece Parra and Prado did with Jody Jackson early in the season was very juvenile; it reminded me of the high jinx of MarK Reynolds, Chris Young and the others of that era. I was happy to see both traded- it reminded me of when our high school teacher split up my buddy and me because we were having too much fun (and, in retrospect, making her teaching much more difficult.)" -- TylerO
Comment of the Thread


Lol Shoe.......

I never met Guru in person….I am the type of person that always roots for an underdog, whether it be a team or a player. Having said that, and being a Die hard Dbacks fan like yourself, I got so sick of everyone bashing Parra years ago saying this and saying that. He sucks lets trade him, he is useless, blah blah blah bs blah. I instantly became a fan because he sucked and most wanted him out of town. After that, he became what he became…..

I know he was never a kick ass player, I knew he had his flaws, but he improved and got recognized for his glove and became bad ass with his glove. The Parra haters like him didn’t like that one bit. Then things went downward and he had a chitty season and they traded him. That sucked so bad for me but I totally understand the team has to do what they had to do. My boy was gone and I did get it. But for someone to have so much hate for the dude from going to rock bottom to the top to near bottom is what gets me.

Anyways I hold no grudge against the haters, I am a Cowboys fan too and we have plenty of haters. Five years ago I’d say something that starts with an F and it ends with the haters but it’s all good. I know better than saying that. I guess that’s why I always liked the Expos before they moved to the hood here. Anyways I will always love my boy no matter what and obviously hope our team moves forward to a bright future. This past season, a Snakepitter was kind enough to get Jim involved and sent me a Parra bobblehead. That was the highlight of my season and that was so kool. Anyways I am rambling……peace


The Tally
  • 5 - Highly Satisfied: 17%
  • 4 - Mostly Satisfied: 25%
  • 3 - Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied: 21%
  • 2 - Somewhat Dissatisfied: 29%
  • 1 - Very Dissatisfied: 8%

That's a somewhat curious set of results, with more people giving Gerardo both a 2 and a 4, than the middle score of 3. And though more people went "somewhat dissatisfied" than "mostly satisfied", that was reversed at the extreme edges, with "highly satisfied" getting more than twice the number of "very dissatisfied" votes. If I'd to guess, I think the "past good will" mentioned by desertice, may have helped sustain Parra's numbers The net result, however, ended up with Parra slotting into the middle of the pack, between Lamb and Miley, and with the exact same number of votes as the latter.

The Scoreboard
  1. Evan Marshall: 4.76 (119 votes)
  2. Josh Collmenter: 4.71 (151)
  3. Paul Goldschmidt: 4.64 (168)
  4. Ender Inciarte: 4.51 (111)
  5. Chase Anderson: 4.18 (161)
  6. Chris Owings: 4.13 (112)
  7. Vidal Nuno: 3.96 (92)
  8. Eury de la Rosa: 3.63 (91)
  9. Tuffy Gosewisch: 3.50 (113)
  10. Brandon McCarthy 3.43 (542)***
  11. Jake Lamb 3.31 (115)
  12. Gerardo Parra 3.14 (122)
  13. Wade Miley 2.94 (122)
  14. Didi Gregorius: 2.75 (106)
  15. Miguel Montero: 2.67 (128)
  16. Mike Bolsinger: 2.67 (117)
  17. Bronson Arroyo: 2.63 (125)
  18. Will Harris 2.49 (61)
  19. Randall Delgado: 2.25 (122)
  20. Aaron Hill 2.11 (91)
  21. Trevor Cahill: 1.07 (147)