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Diamondbacks Tweet of the Week: Territorial Cup edition

Whoops. A harmless little congratulatory Tweet by the D-backs generated a storm of butthurt ASU fans yesterday afternoon...

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

In case you were doing something interesting and missed it - I know I certainly was - the University of Arizona beat Arizona State University 42-35 last night at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe in Tucson [told you I was otherwise engaged!]. This was followed by a Tweet from the D-backs' official Twitter account, offering their congratulations to the winner.

Seems reasonable, you'd think: one of the pro sports teams in the state congratulating the pre-eminent college football franchises. But you wouldn't know it from the hysterical over-reactions of some ASU fans.

And there's plenty more where that came from. About the only legitimate point was made by this one:

Checking their timeline for that weekend, there was indeed no apparent mention of ASU's victory over U of A in that season's contest. Still, one imagines last night's Tweet was less likely the result of some conspiratorial anti-ASU agenda, than the guy who runs the D-backs feed being conveniently near a keyboard when the game ended last night, rather than being in hibernation. As someone with no interest in this state rivalry (and, let's face it, little or no interest in college sports full stop), I tend to agree with this lone voice of reason, whispering to the storm:

Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner. It's a freakin' football game, people. There'll be another one along next year. If winning or losing it has any significant kind of effect on your mentality, you probably need to re-examine those priorities. Sure, it's up to you whether or not you congratulate the victorious side - good sportsmanship, even if you have to grit you teeth while doing it - but really, tearing into someone else for offering their congratulations? That's pretty sad.

Still, I suspect a lesson will be learned, and this time next year, if anything is Tweeted by the D-backs (I suspect radio silence may be the preferred route), it will be something innocuous and inoffensive, perhaps taking a cue from the Suns' Twitter feed: