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Hello, my name is: Gerardo Parra

Gone, but not forgotten. Our former Golden Glover is now a Brewer, but still played most of the season here. What did we think of his last campaign in Sedona Red? Cue gentle sobbing from our nation's capital...

How this works

Every other day, from now through to Christmas, we'll open up discussion on a particular player who made a meaningful contribution to the 2014 Diamondbacks. [I've drawn the line at 125 PA or 20 innings] There will be two sections. Firstly, a poll where you rate them from 5 ("Highly satisfied") down to 1 ("Very dissatisfied"): it's entirely up to you what criteria you use for the number. Secondly, the comments below, where you can talk about the reasons for your vote, etc. Things to discuss include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-season expectations 
  • 2014 performance: strengths and weaknesses, etc. 
  • Health and other mitigating factors 
  • How they'll help the team in 2015, their role, etc.

Three days down the line, we'll collate the votes, calculate a final average score, and write up the consensus of SnakePit thought into an appraisal. Here is a quick overview of today's candidate for your consideration.

Additional bonus! Going forward. we'll also have a "Comment of the Thread" for the appraisal, so please rec the comments you find insightful, funny, or whatever.

Gerardo Parra - OF
  • DOB: 05/06/1987
  • 2014 salary: $4,850,000
  • 2014 performance (AZ only): 104 G, 440 PA, .259 BA, .305 OBP, .362 SLG, 85 OPS+, 6 HR
  • 2014 value: 0.1 bWAR, -0.4 fWAR

So long, and thanks for all the outfield assists. Parra was traded to the Brewers at the deadline for a couple of minor-leaguers, but left the team fifth all-time in number of appearances. This year, he became superfluous to requirements, thanks to the rise of Ender Inciarte and David Peralta, but still delivered some telling shots from the Parrazooka on occasion. However, his offense was sharply down, the OPS posted of .667 a career-low for Parra, with his plate discipline and doubles rate dropping. With his cost certain to increase further in 2015, trading him did make sense. But how does the SnakePit remember Parra-dise lost?