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Diamondbacks Sign Yasmany Tomas

The Cuban outfielder has reportedly signed with the Diamondbacks on a six-year deal.

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

There you have it, the Diamondbacks have made their first Free Agent splash of this offseason, and possibly one of the biggest splashes in franchise history. Jessie Sanchez of has first reported that the Diamondbacks will be signing the Cuban slugger, with reports earlier saying that the team was in on him.

The surprising part is the dollar amount. Since previous reports had stated that Tomas and representation wanted something over $100 Million, having a total amount $31.5 Million less than that is surprising. Details beyond that are a little scarce, but there is believed to be an opt-out in the contract, reportedly after four years

Tomas is a corner outfielder, though there were reports that he took reps at Third Base in workouts. Tomas also projects as a high-power/high-strikeout guy, and presumably hitter-friendly Chase Field would be conducive to the first part. As of right now, the Diamondbacks have a couricopia of outfielders already in the stable with Mark Trumbo, A.J. Pollock, Ender Inciarte, David Peralta, and Cody Ross all likely to get reps next season.

As of writing, the team has yet to confirm the signing.