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Snake Bytes 11/26: Hot Stove Heats Up

The winter meetings are still three weeks away, but Boston is already making things interesting.

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Quick Quotes

"As soon as you can realize your deficiencies and you work on them and try to bring those things up a little bit, then you get better," Johnson said. "And you want to keep getting better at the things you already do well."

-Randy Johnson

"I still believe that the '01 postseason, those were the best 48 innings I ever threw," Schilling said. "I threw 305 innings that year, and my best 48 were at the end."

-Curt Schilling

Diamondback Digest

Randy Johnson Added to HOF Ballot

The best pitcher in Diamondback history, and one of the very best in the history of baseball is on the 2015 HOF ballot.

Johnson and Schilling Reunited

Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling led the way to the Diamondbacks' 2001 World Series championship. Now, they are reunited once again as eligible players to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The list also features a number of other players with ties to the Diamondbacks, including former first baseman and current head of the MLBPA, Tony Clark.

Diamondbacks Begin Interviewing Potential Scouting Directors

The search is on in earnest to find the successor to Ray Montgomery.

Diamondbacks Showing Interest in Tomas

The Diamondbacks are reportedly interested in Cuban outfielder Yasmany Tomas.

Around MLB

JAWS and the HOF Ballot

Jay Jaffe opens his series of examinations of the HOF candidates with some intriguing questions regarding this year's HOF ballot.

MLB HOF Media Poll

In an entirely non-scientific poll of various media conducted by, four former players, headed by Johnson, would be entering the HOF in 2015.

Boston Imports a Panda

The Boston Red Sox have signed Pablo Sandoval to a 5-year $95 million contract.

Red Sox Reunite with Ramirez

Hanley Ramirez is returning to Boston, where he will play LF.