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The SB Nation Awards: SnakePit Summary

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As we've finished the regional aspect of voting, let's take a look at the results in each category, and see what odds of any of our winners making a dent in the upcoming network-wide voting...

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports
2014 Diamondbacks funniest moment - Senator McLightning, 44%

Good job the same electorate who have mysteriously showed up to vote on Brandon McCarthy's appraisal didn't appear to notice the poll, otherwise I'm sure his Twitter account would have won in a landslide. As was, that came in as the runner-up, on 30%, but the magical GIF goodness of seeing a man who came within a few percentage points of becoming President, shoot lightning bolts from his fingertips, just couldn't be surpassed. Though hopefully, next season will provide something less artificially-constructed in this category.

2014 D-backs most regrettable moment - Goldschmidt is broken, 41%

As with the first category, the voting was dominated by two of the choices, with another piece of injury news - Corbin requiring Tommy John surgery - not far behind the winner, getting 32% of the ballots. The Corbin news probably had a bigger impact on our record this season, since we lost him for the entire year, but doing so before the campaign even got under way perhaps lessened the impact. And Goldie was not only our MVP candidate, and the heart of the team, he was in some ways, the main, everyday reason to watch the Diamondbacks this year.

2014 Diamondbacks defensive play - Chris Owings dive foul 4/29, 32%

This was a very closely-contested category, where only three votes covered the top trio of choices. Tied for the runners-up spot were A.J. Pollock's double-catch, before and after banging into the outfield wall, and Didi Gregorius ranging deep into the hole at shortstop, then unleashing a throw while heading toward third-base. But just pipping those two worthy plays, was Owings' full-spring diving catch of a pop-fly down the third-base line, showing wilful defiance of the on-rushing outfielder. Here's the video of the winner for your appreciation, one more time.

2014 Diamondbacks most important hit - The Lamb slam 8/29, 36%

It's perhaps the element of hope for the future that this symbolizes, which helped push this one to the front - not just a come from behind grand-slam, but also the first home-run in the career of the player who may be our regular third baseman going forward. The first of many? We can but hope. Goldschmidt took both second- and third-place, and may have split the vote, as he'd have won if we added together the 21% for his walk-off double and 19% for his missile launched off the Jumbotron at Chase Field. Goldie gonna Goldie...

2014 Diamondbacks pitching appearance- Collmenter faces the minimum 5/29, 73%

This is my unsurprised face. The biggest blowout of the competition, and one of only two nominees to get a clear majority of the votes. Only the second time a pitcher for Arizona had thrown a complete game and seen the minimum possible 27 batters, even if this wasn't quite a match for the Big Unit's perfect game in 2004. S'funny how arguably our two best-pitched games have come in the middle of the two most wretched seasons. Roll on 2024 and a Touki Toussaint perfecto in his last year before leaving as a free-agent...

2014 non-Diamondbacks Team of the Year - Kansas City Royals, 55%

They may not have won the World Series, but they did win the hearts and minds of Diamondbacks fans, first with Kansas City securing their first playoff berth since before many of us were born [ok, I was at college. And wasn't a freshman...], then having a Cinderella run from the second wild-card spot, all the way to the American League pennant. Considering that only two years ago, they too had a loss total starting with a "9", this was a nice reminder that, with good moves (and some good luck), a turnaround needn't take decades to bear fruit.

And on to the nationals!

With six categories, and five teams in each, that would be 30 total nominees. I'm wondering if our SBN overlords will adopt the All-Star approach, and select one nominee from each team? If so, and presuming (for obvious reason) the Diamondbacks do not qualify for the Team of the Year category, which one of the other five do you think is most likely to get the nod? I doubt our regrettable moment or important hit register much. There were four no-hitters (not counting the Phillies combined one) so might Collmenter sneak in as the fifth? I think the most likely candidate is probably Senator McLightning, but let's have one last poll of polls to see what you think!