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Chad Billingsley on Arizona radar

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The former Dodgers hurler is reportedly a target in Free Agency for the Diamondbacks

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Of course, all rumors, grain of salt, etc, but there seems to be enough smoke on the Diamondbacks having interest in former Dodger Chad Billingsley to bolster their rotation. Like Jim said yesterday regarding Jeremy Hellickson, Billingsley would represent the desire for a  proven starter to bolster the rotation for 2015. Also, before he became the Diamondbacks GM, Dave Stewart was Billingsley's agent, so that might explain some of the interest as well.

The bad news? Billingsley hasn't pitched in the Majors since April of 2013, when he underwent Tommy John surgery. His 2014 comeback ended after two rehab starts in High-A because of a torn flexor tendon in his throwing elbow. This was enough for the Dodgers, not known for their thrift, to decline his 2015 option and put him on the Free Agent market.

If Billingsley were to come back healthy and be anywhere around his career norms, he'd be a certain upgrade for the D'Backs, though probably not Ace material. He has a career ERA of 3.65 (though mostly at pitcher friendly Dodger Stadium), FIP of 3.67 and an ERA+ of 110.

Of course, that's a big if for a guy with his recent injury history. However, he could be a buy-low, high-returns sort of player should the Diamondbacks follow through with their interest. Stay tuned for more details as they become known.