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Nominations: 2014 Diamondbacks Pitching Appearance

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Having covered the glove and the plate, we now move on to the mound. Which pitching appearance stood out for you?

Jason Miller

We're going to focus on 6 main categories. For each of these, the first stage is a post where we open nominations for the category - while we've got our own ideas for candidates, you can suggest others that were missed, and the number of "recs" received will factor into the final choice. The next stage, starting the following day, is a poll for the top 4-5 choices, which will decide the SnakePit winner.  A committee of qualified individuals from  the mothership will select nominees from the team site winners and host a nationwide vote for each category.

The categories, and schedule for the nominations post, are as follows, with a link to the actual poll. The nationwide polls will follow in the second half of November.

2014 Diamondbacks Pitching Appearance

I've a feeling this one will be pretty much a runaway come the actual voting, but it's still nice to give plaudits to some of the other performances that deserve credit this season. Here's a first cut of selections:

  • April 9: Josh Collmenter four-inning save
  • May 13: Bronson Arroyo complete game
  • May 29: Josh Collmenter faces the minimum
  • June 10: Bronson Arroyo works seven innings of one-run ball with a torn UCL
  • August 13: Andrew Chafin tosses five shutout innings in major-league debut
  • August 30: Vidal Nuno allows two hits, no walks over eight innings
  • September 20: Oliver Perez fans four in one inning.

As previously, this thread is not to discuss the merits of these - save that for the poll thread - but if there are any other performances you feel should be included, mention them in the comments and I'll take them into account for the actual ballot.