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Poll: 2014 Diamondbacks most important hit

Which was the best offensive moment for Arizona last season?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
No additional suggestions came up in the nominations thread - at least, none which actually qualified, though the degree of snark was admirable. So, we'll go forward with the six original candidates. Here, for the purpose of an informed electorate, are videos of all six, so you can peruse them, and remind yourself of which one gave you the biggest case of the warm fuzzies. Feel free to make your case in the comments, as per usual...
April 30: Miguel Montero walk-off homer vs. Rockies
May 26: A.J. Pollock walk-off homer vs. Padres
May 28: Paul Goldschmidt 470ft bomb vs. Padres
July 9: Paul Goldschmidt walk-off come-from-behind two-run double vs. Marlins
August 29: Jake Lamb's go-ahead grand-slam for his first HR vs. Rockies
September 15: Mark Trumbo's go-ahead slam off Ryan Vogelsong vs. Giants