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SnakePit Appraisal: Randall Delgado

What did the people think of Randall?

sad randall is sad
sad randall is sad
Jason Miller
  • "At least he wasn't the human pitching machine watching as every other pitch he threw was sent flying over the outfield walls like he was in 2013." - JoeCB1991
  • "Delgado has potential as that FIP shows. He was the victim of two really bad starts, then never really got a second chance." - preston.salisbury
  • "Delgado faced more batters, 339, than any other diamondback reliever in 2014! Only Stites and Marshall have a faster fastball" - Makakilo
  • "I actually like his stuff and suspect he may be one of KT/KG’s ‘head cases’ who can better realize his talent under new leadership/expectations." - Diamondhacks
  • "Biggest goat of the Upton trade imo" - DeadmanG
  • "Delgado still showed inconsistency. some games he’d strike out the side in order and others he couldn’t get anyone out" - freeland1787
  • "On a championship team, there’s no room for the likes of Delgado as they tend to require more quality pitches and pitchers that can control their stuff well and not get hit so much." - ford.williams.10
  • "There’s no denying the raw 'stuff' is there, but it just seemed he was never able to harness it consistently. There were times when he seemed almost unhittable, but then his next outing, he would give up screaming line drive after screaming line drive." - Jim McLennan
Towards 2015

  • "Age and good peripherals in 2014 leave hope he could be better." - shoewizard
  • "I’m painting Delgado as a DFA candidate at the end of next March unless he can prove he belongs during Spring Training. If he does, then he’s trade bait. I’m not counting him for next year’s pitching staff." - ford.williams.10
  • "As a middle reliever though, especially one coming in right after one of Arizona’s many soft-tossing starters, Delgado is probably quite appropriate for a 1-2 inning stint in the 5th or 6th innings." - James Attwood
  • "Hopefully the new regime can better build that confidence and tap into his potential. September was a pretty strong month for him overall, which included a couple of starts, so hopefully that’s a start. Then again, it’s possible this regime, with Harkey and Duncan from the past regime, have already concluded that Delgado can’t or won’t meet their requirements." - Fangdango
Comment of the Thread


The tally:
  • 5 - Highly satisfied:0%
  • 4 - Fairly satisfied: 7%
  • 3 - Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied: 30%
  • 2 - Somewhat dissatisfied: 47%
  • 1 - Very dissatisfied: 17%

Surprised to see as many 1's and 2's as there are, considering he was only competing for the 5th spot in the rotation and those 5th starters usually have ERA's around 5. But since he was included in the Upton trade, his expectations are inflated with over 64% of the vote dissatisfied in someway or another. With a 4.40/3.16/3.48 line as a reliever, he'll at least have a bullpen spot if the team deems him not a starter going forward.

The scoreboard:
  1. Josh Collmenter: 4.71 (151 votes)
  2. Chase Anderson: 4.18 (161)
  3. Eury de la Rosa: 3.63 (91)
  4. Mike Bolsinger: 2.67 (117)
  5. Bronson Arroyo: 2.63 (125)
  6. Randall Delgado: 2.25 (122)
  7. Trevor Cahill: 1.07 (147)