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More Diamondbacks Managerial Candidates

Since our first installment, a few more names have been added to the interview list, so let's look at them in the same way.

Tim Bogar

Playing career: Shortstop, 701 games, 1.9 bWAR
Coaching career: 11 years with Indians, Astros, Rays, Red Sox, Angels, Rangers
Managerial experience: Rookie Greeneville (2004), A Lexington (2005), AA Akron (2006-07), AA Arkansas (2013), Rangers interim (2014)
Current position: Rangers interim manager

Bogar finished out the season in charge of the Rangers, after Ron Washington resigned for personal reasons, posting a 14-8 record down the stretch as the D-backs swept past them in the Tankapalooza standings. Like Joe McEwing, he's on the Texas list of candidates as a permanent replacement, and was described by their GM Jon Daniels as "obviously a very strong candidate." Elsewhere, Daniels expanded on Bogar's performance in the final month: "I think the atmosphere that was created, the communication with players, the in-game management, how he worked with the media were all very good. I really appreciate the job he did and that factors in for me."

Lorenzo Bundy

Playing career: Never reached majors.
Coaching career:  25 years with Nationals, Marlins, Rockies, Red Sox, Dodgers
Managerial experience: GCL Nationals (1990), Low-A Albany (1991-1992), A Burlington (1993-1994), A+ Brevard County (1997), AAA Las Vegas (2007-08), AZL Dodgers (2010), AAA Albuquerque (2011-2013)
Current position: Dodgers third-base coach

Bundy has managed just about everywhere except the majors, including seven of the eight clubs in the Mexican Winter League, as well as serving at almost every other coaching position. He said, "How many candidates have been a hitting coach, an outfield coach, baserunning coach, bullpen coach, bench coach, first-base coach and third-base coach, 20 years of winter ball?" I think if somebody was looking for somebody with experience, I think I have it, you know? It comes down to what a team is looking for. I believe I have something to offer. I speak fluent Spanish. Throw that all on a resume, it looks good."

Chip Hale

Playing career: DH/2B/3B, 333 games, 1.3 bWAR
Coaching career: 15 years with Diamondbacks, Mets and Athletics
Managerial experience: Rk Missoula (2000-01), AA El Paso (2002), AAA Tucson (2004-06)
Current position: Oakland bench coach

It looked possible he might have managed here, after Bob Melvin was fired. Chip was in our dugout from 2007-09 as the infield and third-base coach, though didn't exactly impress us in the latter role. After leaving Arizona, he coached third for the Mets, and was reportedly in the running there too, as a replacement for Jerry Manuel. He was re-united with Melvin in Oakland for the 2012 season, and had two interviews in Seattle last year, in regard to the Mariners' managerial spot, and was also one of the finalists there, the previous two times the position was vacant, in 2008 and 2010 - on the former occasion, the job went to Don Wakamatsu, another contender in Arizona.

Sir Not Appearing In This Film

That appears to be the end of the first stage of the selection process, with the book on the number of candidates being closed at 11. It's interesting to note that some names originally expected to be considered, appear to have been eliminated, in particular Terry Steinbach and José Oquendo.Steinbach is the Twins' bench coach, and took over briefly for Ron Gardenhire a couple of times this year. His name was brought up, in part due to strong ties with new GM Dave Stewart, whom he caught while in Oakland - both playing under CBO Tony La Russa, no less, who was then the A's manager.

Much the same goes for Oquendo, who is one of the longest-tenured third-base coaches in the game, having been with St. Louis in that position since 2000. He has been in the frame for managerial positions before, with the Padres, Mariners and Mets, as well as when the Cardinals were interviewing to replace La Russa. However, his absence to date could be as much because his attention is still focused on the vital task of knocking the Dodgers out of the playoffs. But one wonders whether the D-backs will be prepared to wait, potentially, until after October 29, for Oquendo's schedule to free up.

The poll below has been updated with the three new candidates, and I've also removed the "None of the above option," since it now looks almost certain to be one of the 11 names above. So, who would you want? In our first poll, with 245 having voted, Jay Bell was the clear winner, getting 30% of the vote, more than twice as much as anybody else. Andy Green (13%) was the only other candidate to receive more than Mr. Nunatha A. Buff. Will the new possible names make any inroads?