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2015 World Series Odds

And, moving rapidly on from the 2014 season....

Who'll be doing this in 2015?
Who'll be doing this in 2015?
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

As we draw a line under a very disappointing campaign, and congratulate (probably muttered under our breath) the San Francisco Giants on their World Series win, we can now fully turn our attentions to 2015. Here are the current odds for each team, from What do you think: are the D-backs over- or under-rated? Any other bets stand out as worth a flutter?

Not a great deal of love for the new reigning champions, or the team they beat, with four teams preferred ahead of the San Francisco Giants. Indeed, the Giants aren't even favored to win their own division, such is the unstoppable force of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Looks like we will be battling it out with the Rockies for the cellar again, but with a new GM at the helm, who can tell what might happen, even over the next five months before Opening Day....