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Fanpost Friday: If I was a General Manager...

Put your feet up on the desk, light a cigar, and open up the Rolodex [kids, ask your parents!]. It's time to pretend to be the man in charge of a baseball franchise.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

This is a new exercise for the winter, intended to generate some more Fanposts, an underused aspect of the site. Each week, I'll pose a question or suggest a topic - but comments will be closed. If you want to reply, you need to create a Fanpost, by following this link, which can also be found at the bottom of the Fanposts section, on the right of the site, a little below the main "cover". That's also where you'll find other people's replies, so check them out, comment on those, and recommend the good ones. After the weekend, I'll promote the most-rec'd, commented or well-written ones to the front.

And this week's topic is...

How would you run a franchise, if you were a General Manager?

Note, this is deliberately a non-specific question. It's not "How would you run the Diamondbacks" - we'll probably get to that before too long though! It's more about general approach than "trade Mark Trumbo, eat Trevor Cahill's salary". Topics to cover would include:

  • What would your drafting philosophy be?
  • Which is more important, pitching or hitting?
  • Where do you stand on scouting vs. sabermetrics?
  • What attributes would you want in the team manager you hire?
  • Would you cap contracts at a certain length and/or age?
  • Which current GM most closely mirrors your approach?
  • What's the most-common/biggest mistake GM's make?
  • Do you favor a steady approach e.g. aim for consistency and hope for a bit of good luck, or are you on the boom & bust bandwagon, going all in to "win now" mode when the stars seem aligned?

I'm sure there are any number of other topics, but that should be enough to get you going. Whoever gets the most recs will be officially appointed SnakePit GM for the forthcoming season, and will be entitled - nay, required! - to proclaim themselves that in their sig.