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Hello, my name is: Chase Anderson

Today, we start our performance appraisals for the 2014 Diamondbacks. We're taking a crowd-sourcing approach to them this year, and begin, alphabetically, with Chase Anderson, an unheralded rookie who apparently came out of nowhere.

How this works

Every other day, from now through to Christmas, we'll open up discussion on a particular player who made a meaningful contribution to the 2014 Diamondbacks. [I've drawn the line at 125 PA or 20 innings] There will be two sections. Firstly, a poll where you rate them from 5 ("Highly satisfactory") down to 1 ("Highly unsatisfactory"): it's entirely up to you what criteria you use for the number. Secondly, the comments below, where you can talk about the reasons for your vote, etc. Things to discuss include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-season expectations
  • 2014 performance: strengths and weaknesses, etc.
  • Health and other mitigating factors
  • How they'll help the team in 2015, their role, etc.

Three days down the line, we'll collate the votes, calculate a final average score, and write up the consensus of SnakePit thought into an appraisal. Here is a quick overview of today's candidate for your consideration.

Chase Anderson, RHP

  • DOB: 11/30/1987
  • 2014 Salary: League minimum
  • 2014 performance: 21 starts, 114.1 IP, 4.01 ERA, 4.22 FIP, 105 K, 40 BB, 9-7 record
  • 2014 value: 0.8 bWAR, 0.8 fWAR.

Anderson began the year in Double-A Mobile, but after six starts there and a minute 0.69 ERA, he was called up to the majors, making his debut against the White Sox in Chicago on May 11. He stuck in the rotation for the rest of the season, likely peaking with his July 28 appearance in Cincinnati, where he allowed one run over seven innings on three hits and two walks, with eight strikeouts. His splits showed a reverse, with right-handed batters hitting him at a .302 clip, compared to .225 for southpaws, but that was likely BABIP driven (.378 vs. .245). He did struggle after the first time through, opponents hitting at a .617 OPS there, but .879 the second time they saw him.

Bonus question: Will Anderson be in the Opening Day rotation next year?