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Fanpost Fridays: Postseason memories

As the Championship Series get under way today, what are your memories of the last couple of times the Diamondbacks made it to the post-season?

Christian Petersen

Before we get there, thanks to all the participants in last week's Fanpost Friday, talking about what you would do if you were a GM. James Attwood, MrMrrbi, Makakilo, Paulnh and preston.salisbury,, There was a three-way tie at the top with four recs, but as a member of staff, James is probably ineligible for the competition, so I declare MrMrrbi and Makakilo official SnakePit co-General Managers for the forthcoming season. This prize comes with absolutely no privileges or benefits whatsoever, but you do get to tag yourself appropriate in your sig. Now, a quick reminder of how this works:

Each week, I'll pose a question or suggest a topic - but comments will be closed. If you want to reply, you need to create a Fanpost, by following this link, which can also be found at the bottom of the Fanposts section, on the right of the site, a little below the main "cover". That's also where you'll find other people's replies, so check them out, comment on those, and recommend the good ones. After the weekend, I'll promote the most-rec'd, commented or well-written ones to the front.

And this week's topic is...

What do you remember from our 2007/2011 post-season runs?

The 2007 series started with the sweep of the Cubs. I have three memories of this series. Firstly, Carlos Zambrano being lifted after 85 pitches in Game 1, and Carlos Marmol immediately taking the loss with a lead-off home-run in the seventh to Mark Reynods. The third is Game 3, where I was at a party at our step-daughter's, and kept sneaking out to the car to listen on the radio and hear Livan Hernandez flummox the Cubs at Wrigley [this being before the days of Twitter, and MLB At Bat!] I think I let out a shriek in the fifth, when he walked the bases loaded before getting Mark DeRosa to hit into an inning-ending double play. And the second? Obvs.

lilly cubs glove

Our last stab at the Championship Series was a good deal less successful, as we were swept in turn out of the post-season, losing to the Rockies in four straight. I really don't remember much about the series at all, and have probably wiped it mostly from my mind. I do recall fans at Chase Field hurling things onto the pitch after Justin Upton was called for interference on a double-play slide. And Eric Byrnes making a totally futile, head-first slide into first-base as the Rockies completed the sweep in Game 4. But given we scored only eight runs over the total of the whole series, there wasn't much to remember.

In 2011, we watched the first game from Friday's Front Row at Chase Field. Which was kinda odd, because the game was in Milwaukee. Still, we figured it was as good a place as any, and we were joined there by a number of other 'Pitters and others - I seem to recall ending up wearing a lucha libre mask for the last couple of innings. I was also present at Chase Field for Game Three, which included Paul Goldschmidt's first ever grand-slam. That was pretty cool - and, a bit like Lilly in 3007, also generated a nice (for us) reaction trom the victimized pitcher, immediately afterward.

We came back from two down to force a game 5 in Milwaukee, but I had to work that evening. However, the break room was just next door, so I was able to poke my head round the corner every inning to keep an eye on things. Then it became ever half-inning. Then every other out. And finally, for the last couple of innings, I was more or less standing in the door of the break-room, hoping nothing broke to which I should have been paying attention! Shame it didn't have a better ending: we deserved it, outscoring the Brewers (25-23), out-hitting them (.816-.723 OPS) and, of course, not having a certain player putting up a .571 OBP while failing his drug test...

Those are my memories of the last two times the Diamondbacks went to the playoffs. What are yours?