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SnakeBytes: Silent Night edition

Outside of Tanaka, not a lot of Diamondbacks news this past week, for obvious reasons, but let's round up the nuggets of more or less tangential interest to the team.

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Moderately D-backs related

  • [AZCentral] ‘Selfish’ rumors surprise Adam Eaton - As mentioned by Rockkstarr12 in her Fanpost: "I haven’t heard anything about any of it," Eaton said. "I didn’t have any indication. I felt like I left on pretty good terms. I felt like I had a pretty good relationship with most of the guys and the PR department and a lot of the front office people. After the trade they called me and kind of wished me good luck."
  • [MLB Trade Rumors] The Best Transaction Of 2013 - Good news! Our extension of Paul Goldschmidt is currently voted #1! Bad news! The Justin Upton and Chris Johnson trade is #6... for the Braves....

Slightly D-backs related

  • [County Courier Times] Phils agree to long-term TV deal with Comcast - no details on the terms, but it's reported to be "massive," and for 20 to 25 years. Why is this of interest to us? Like Arizona, the Phillies deal starts in 2015, and the cost of their current one - "roughly $35 million" per season - is not far off our $31 million. So when details emerge, it might give us some idea of what the D-backs should expect for their next package.
  • [] As Yasiel Puig speeds down reckless path, Dodgers hold their breath - "A white Mercedes allegedly traveling 110 mph has flattened the Dodgers with the organization's most frightening, frustrating truth. The richest team in baseball cannot buy the safety, security or even the simple undivided attention of its most popular player. Yasiel Puig continues to careen toward calamity and there doesn't seem to be anything anybody can, or will, do about it." Yeah, it might be hyperbole, but somewhere, Eric Hinske suppresses a smirk.
  • And speaking of which, here are the 2013 ejections, grouped by team. Oh, look: the Dodgers had more players thrown out than anyone else. This is, naturally, Ian Kennedy's fault.
  • [BBTF] The 2013 HOF Ballot Collecting Gizmo! - With 109 ballots made public, Maddux, Glavine and Thomas look like shoo-ins. Biggio's chances look good. Everyone else is on thin ice....
  • [] Home plate collision sparks brawl in Australian Baseball League - A home plate collision led to a sucker punch and a benches clearing brawl. Nice to see the undercard taking shape for the Dodgers-Dbacks series in a couple of months. :)

Not D-backs related

  • Of course, we all knew they were fans, as their discography proves. Who can forget songs like All You Need is Glove or Yellow Submarine Pitcher?
  • [Miami Herald] American baseball players thriving in Venezuela - "It's about six weeks before pitchers and catchers report to spring training in the U.S., but in Venezuela, the nation's fiercely competitive professional league is in full swing, and it's drawn the biggest contingent of American players in decades."
  • R.A. Dickey's knuckleball, colorized [H/T /r/baseball]
  • [Denver Post] Medicinal marijuana striking out in Major League Baseball "There is no provision in MLB's collective bargaining agreement with the players to allow use of marijuana for medicinal reasons. That frustrates agent Joshua Kusnick, who represents Jeremy Jeffress, a pitcher with the Toronto Blue Jays. Jeffress suffers from epilepsy. The seizures from that disease nearly ruined his career and could have cost him his life, until he discovered that marijuana helped him control his condition."
  • Finally, not baseball related at all, but undeniably WTF. These are the Ross sisters from the 1944 film Broadway Rhythm. It starts getting odd about a minute in. Remember: no CGI.