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SnakeBytes: Moving on edition

Masahiro who?

@Dbacks, via Twitter

Team news (more)

Team news (or less)

  • [NY Daily] Baseball stadiums to have mandatory metal detection security by 2015 - "Entering a big league ballpark will be a bit like going through an airport by 2015. Major League Baseball has told its 30 teams they must implement security screening for fans by then, either with hand-held metal detection or walk-through magnetometers." Oh, joy...
  • [] 2014 Prospect Watch - Archie Bradley is #5 in their new top 100, and the top pitching prospect in all baseball. Interesting burst down in the 70's, which includes Arizona's Chris Owings, Braden Shipley... and Trevor Bauer, now #73. How the mighty are fallen...
  • [LA Times] Kemp advised by agent to not rush back for opening day - Matt Kemp is aiming to return from his off-season ankle and shoulder operations to play in the two-game opening set against the Diamondbacks. But Kemp's agent is advising him against pushing himself: "His biggest issue with injuries has been trying to get back too soon," Dave Stewart said. "I’m urging him to make sure he’s totally healthy." Late September. That works for me.
  • Congratulations to our DL'd starter!

Team news (not at all)

  • [] Todd Field looks back on the 'Battered Bastards' - The Portland Mavericks baseball team were more than just mavericks. They were outlaws. In 1973, Hollywood actor Bing Russell roared into Oregon and established the Mavericks as an independent minor league team, meaning he had to recruit players [from] a scrap heap that included a fair share of burn-outs, head-cases, and outright degenerates. "Guys were gambling in the back of the bus, there was drugs, there were women everywhere," says Oscar-nominated director (and then team batboy!) Todd Field (Little Children). "These guys were pirates." A documentary on the team premiered at Sundance this week.
  • [News Democrat] Baseball needs to get rid of opt out contracts "Today teams are less often able to make these sorts of shrewd deals that allow them to keep their homegrown products because the players want an opt out in their contract that guarantees they'll never have to trade maximizing their earning power in exchange for security when they're young... I get the sense that owners are more willing to pass out mega deals with opt outs in them because they figure the odds are the player will cancel the deal midway through the contract and he'll be someone else's financial problem."
  • [] Kenta Maeda: The next big NPB export now that Tanaka has signed? - "Maeda will likely profile as a mid-rotation guy in MLB -- not a certifiable ace like Yu Darvish and not a strong no. 2 like Tanaka. That, however, is not a stinging indictment. As hurlers like Ricky Nolasco and Matt Garza have proved this winter, there's lots of money to be made as a three or four guy. Adding to Maeda's appeal is that, as noted, he'll be just 26 years of age should he hit the U.S. market next offseason."
  • [] If MLB won't change structure, Pirates should do Nutting - "Only the small-market fans get cheated, and they’re easily fooled. One playoff berth in 21 years is mere scraps from the big table, but it got Pittsburgh absolutely unhinged last year. The NFL, NBA and NHL all use salary caps. More teams are constantly competitive. More fluctuations occur from year to year. Good management is rewarded. Do you think the Yankees have made the playoffs 17 times in the last 19 seasons because they possess superior baseball knowledge?"