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Diamondbacks make six year, $115 million offer to Tanaka

Reports have emerged of the Diamondbacks' pitch to Masahiro Tanaka, as the race for the Japanese starter moves into its final few days.

Koji Watanabe

There appears to be some uncertainty concerning the exact amount, but they all seem to be based on the same report, in Japanese publication Nikkan Sports. Knowing no-one who speaks Japanese, I ran this through one of those online translators, and can exclusively reveal, "Approaching endgame negotiations aiming for major signings in the new posting system Rakuten Masahiro Tanaka pitchers (25). Baseball team as well as promising that the Yankees, Dodgers, runs to the Diamondbacks, White Sox, Cubs, earned 16 Japan times 17 (day) until the present the formal offer. Almost all the teams six years $10500000000 100 million more than presented the seems."

Glad that's all cleared up. Actually, the last sentence is probably the one to matter. Translating that from English which appears to have sat too close to the fire, it looks like all teams have made pitches of at least six years and $105 million to Tanaka. However, the piece then goes on: "Still da military Derek-Hall Chief Executive is, ' have a strong interest and other teams to do the same. Hopefully, hopefully want to win this competition "and clearly stated the acquisition decision. Ran direct owner Kendrick, Tanaka went to America in addition to 6 years 12 billion yen and history telling us highest conditions and even enthusiasm, such as the uniform number 18."

This seems to suggest our pitch was higher: 12 billion yen equates to $115 million dollars at the current exchange rate of just over 104 yen to the dollar. [The rate has been climbing lately: as recently as November 7, one dollar was worth barely 98 yen, and the same 12 billion yen would have been worth $7 million more!] Whether that - along with the offer to let him wear #18 [I knew there was a reason we didn't re-sign Willie Bloomquist!] - will be enough. we will find out within the next week or so. But it seems possibly that it has come down to the duelling Evil Empires, the two Chicago teams, and us.