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Archie Bradley named top right-handed pitching prospect in baseball are working toward their new list of sport-wide top 100 prospects, which will be announced on the 23rd. They're warming up with the top ten at each position and started with their list of right-handed pitchers. We're #1! We're #1!


Wondering why Bradley was as close to untouchable as Kevin Towers knows the meaning of the word? Here's the MLB scouting report on him:

Bradley throws his fastball in the mid-90s and can reach the upper 90s when he needs to. The steep downhill angle he throws from and good sinking action on the pitch combine to produce a lot of ground balls. He complements his plus-plus fastball with an above-average 12-to-6 curveball and changeup that will likely be at least a Major League-average offering. Bradley has improved his command and earns praise for his demeanor on the mound. His stuff, size and makeup make him the best pitcher in the Minor Leagues and it isn't difficult to project him as a frontline starter soon.

Yep, you read that right: "the best pitcher in the Minor Leagues." It does make me wonder what the team will do in the (probably likely) event they don't nail down Masahiro Tanaka. Is there much point in going after leftovers like Ubaldo Jimenez? Or should we just use Randall Delgado as a placeholder, while Bradley gets some slight additional buffing in the minors? However, you could argue the longer we can hold off, the better in terms of service time, because it's probable that Bradley's 27-year-old season will be better than his 21-year-old one. [See Max Scherzer: ERA+ to age 26 = 109. ERA+ at ages 27-28 = 128]

I'm trying to restrain my enthusiasm here, however. A good number of the last few starting pitching prospects that I've been eager to see before their arrival, have ended up either not being that good, or being good somewhere else, e.g. Max Scherzer, Jarrod Parker, Trevor Bauer and, potentially, Tyler Skaggs. Here's hoping Bradley beats that trend, and becomes our first home-grown player since Brandon Webb to be worthy of a mention on someone's Cy Young ballot, while still playing for the Diamondbacks.