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The 2014 D-backs: Serious Prediction Edition

Happy New Year! Here are our twenty questions for 2014. Get predictin'! We'll review these in December. Why, yes, there WILL be laughing and pointing then, thank you for asking.

By Quentin Yang (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
  1. We win more than 81 games?
  2. We make the post-season?
  3. Kirk Gibson still be manager on December 31?
  4. An Arizona pitcher receive any Cy Young votes?
  5. There be any D-backs ejected vs. the Dodgers?
  6. Who has more
  7. Home-runs, Paul Goldschmidt or Mark Trumbo?
  8. Wins, Trevor Cahill or Wade Miley?
  9. Saves, Addison Reed or J.J. Putz?
  10. Games played, Chris Owings or Didi Gregorius?
  11. bWAR: Aaron Hill or Gerardo Parra?
  12. Over/Under
  13. Brandon McCarthy starts: 22
  14. Martin Prado BA: .289
  15. Blown saves: 18
  16. Smallest crowd at Chase: 16,000
  17. Open-ended [by bWAR, only players currently on team count]
  18. Most valuable starting pitcher
  19. Least valuable starting pitcher
  20. Most valuable reliever
  21. Least valuable reliever
  22. Most valuable position player
  23. Least valuable position player