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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 22

The regular season came to an end, with a ferocious finish that saw one side miss out on the post-season by one-half of a point. Who was it?


Week 22 results

AZ SnakePit 2, Space Wizard 6
In one of the few games without any playoff implications, Space swept hitting, getting four HR and nine RBI from Hitter of the Week Middlebrooks. Soriano drove in eight and Kipnis scored seven Runs. For Snake, Pence had two HR and seven Runs; Papelbon had a W and two Sv.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 4, CompleteGameShutout 5
One more HR would have given Wieter a tie, but as is, they finish seventh, one-half a point out of the playoffs. Complete got a Win and 14 K from Norris, with Rivera adding a W + two Sv. Chapman matched Rivera, and had 11 K, while Encarnacion added two HR and seven Runs.

Phoenix Platypi 3, Dirt McGrit 7
McGrit secured the fifth seed for the post-season, with Zimmerman (five HR, six RBI) powering the offense, and Lester (Win and 15 strikeouts) the pitching. Kershaw had a W + 11 K for the Platypi, who barely showed up, with three empty pitchers' spots making Dirt's task easier.

Alabama Slammers 8, Mizzoula Osprey 2
The Slammers knocked off Mizzoula to finish fourth, though the Osprey can regroup due to their first-round bye. Alabama swept pitching with a W + 17 K from Hamels and three Sv by Janssen, despite Mizzoula picking up Petit. Bumgarner had 15 K, and Freeman two HR + eight RBI for them.

Waffles 5, Sofa King Juiced 5
The teams end third and first respectively. Sofa got four HR and nine RBI from Napoli, backed by three from Rios, while Carpenter scored ten Runs for Waffles. They also got a W and four Sv from Street, and four more Sv by Holland: Kazmir gave Sofa a Win and 12 strikeouts.

The Fighting Amish 3, Got Grittiness? 7
In a contest with only pride at stake, Got prevailed, with three HR by Bruce, plus two W and 11 K's from Pitcher of the Week Strailty their standout performances. Perez also had two HR and six RBI. The Amish got three HR from Morales, and two HR + six RBI by Ramos

Blonde Streaks 4, Moved Upton 6
Upton scraped in to the post-season by the tiniest margin, having more problems with last-placed Blonde than they'd like. Three HR each by Jones and Sandoval for the Streaks threatened a shock, but Moved swept pitching as Soriano had three Sv, and Kuroda struck out 13.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
*1 Sofa King Juiced 138-69-13 .657 - 5-5-0 2 20
*2 Mizzoula Osprey 123-86-11 .584 16 2-8-0 14 33
*3 Waffles 125-89-6 .582 16.5 5-5-0 7 36
*4 Alabama Slammers 110-96-14 .532 27.5 8-2-0 11 62
*5 Dirt McGrit 110-98-12 .527 28.5 7-3-0 9 27
*6 Moved Upton 111-100-9 .525 29 6-4-0 4 44
7 MyWieterGetzLongoria 108-98-14 .523 29.5 4-5-1 6 25
8 Got Grittiness? 103-106-11 .493 36 7-3-0 12 47
9 Space Wizard 97-103-20 .486 37.5 6-2-2 5 2
10 AZ SnakePit 95-113-12 .459 43.5 2-6-2 1 16
11 CompleteGameShutout 96-117-7 .452 45 5-4-1 10 45
12 Phoenix Platypi 91-119-10 .436 48.5 3-7-0 3 7
13 The Fighting Amish 83-129-8 .395 57.5 3-7-0 13 28
14 Blonde Streaks 71-138-11 .348 68 4-6-0 8 13

Playoff quarter-finals

Championship bracket
Alabama Slammers (#4 seed) vs. Dirt McGrit (#5)
Waffles (#3) vs. Moved Upton (#6)

Consolation bracket
AZ SnakePit (#10) vs. CompleteGameShutout (#11)
Phoenix Platypi (#12) vs. Space Wizard (#9)

We enter the post-season. The 12 non-relegated teams are split: the top six go into the championship bracket, but the rest get a consolation bracket to keep them busy. In each bracket, the two highest-ranked teams get to skip the first round, and the other four go head-to-head for spots in the semi-finals next week, against the sides who received byes. The winners of those semi-finals play each other, in the final week's contests, for all the marbles.