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Diamondbacks 0, Giants 3

Yusmeiro Petit. Yusmeiro Petit. YUSMEIRO FRICKIN' PETIT!!!!!

Thearon W. Henderson

Remember how upset we were when Yusmeiro Petit beat the Diamondbacks and our ace, Patrick Corbin last week? Remember how we were looking forward to a re-match tonight? Didn't quite happen. Instead, Petit came within one out of a perfect game against the Diamondbacks, culminating in a hit by Eric Chavez with two outs in the ninth inning which dropped just in front of a sprawling right-fielder. However, he then got A.J. Pollock for the final out, to complete a one-hit shutout of the Diamondbacks.

Yeah, in a season of inconsistent offensive performances, this was easily the most offensive. Patrick Corbin didn't pitch badly. all told - particularly compared to his last couple of starts - scattering eight hits and walk, with five strikeouts, and was charged with all three runs. But this was a night when the offense failed miserably even to make Petit work - we didn't even have a three-ball count until Montero in the eighth inning, and we came within inches of being perfecto'd for the first time in franchise history.

Full recap to follow. Might be a while. I think I need to find a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a wood-chipper first.