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Diamondbacks 4, Giants 2: Arizona Rides Strong 5th Inning to Victory

Arizona took the first game in a four game series in San Francisco on the strength of Paul Goldschmidt's bat, and Gerardo Parra's arm.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants struck first, getting 2 runs in the fourth inning.  Hunter Pence led things off with a walk, then brought around on a Pablo Sandoval triple.  The Panda was then brought home on a Hector Sanchez sacrifice fly, though the play was not without controversy.  Gerardo Parra's throw was in time for Miguel Montero to tag Sandoval twice, once on the way to the plate, then a second time when the ump signaled that Sandoval hadn't touched the plate.  Somehow, he was still signaled safe, not only bringing the deficit to 2, but getting Kirk Gibson thrown out of the game.

The Diamondbacks hit back immediately in the top of the fifth.  The rally started with an Adam Eaton double, and then he was joined on the bases with a Willie Bloomquist walk.  Paul Goldschmidt (who else?) then knocked a two RBI double.  Martin Prado would step up to the plate next, and he too hit a double.  Aaron Hill was next in line, and he added his own RBI, though with a single. Overall, the D-backs scored 4 runs with 2 outs, and had the lead.

The pitching for both sides was not stifling, with neither starter making it to the sixth inning, but it was good enough that the 4th and 5th inning were the only two innings to see scoring plays.  The Diamondbacks have now taken the first game in the 4 game series.  Unfortunately, the Reds also won.

Full recap to follow.