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Preview: Game #139, Diamondbacks @ Giants

Sorry for the lack of a preview yesterday, I managed to ignore entirely the fact it was a day game - much needed for the D-backs, before we make the cross-country trip, San Francisco. Hang on, must have been for the Blue Jays... who have today off. Man, I love MLB scheduling!



Trevor Cahill
RHP, 5-10, 4.39

Ryan Vogelsong
RHP, 3-4, 5.49 ERA

Diamondbacks line-up

  1. Adam Eaton, CF
  2. Willie Bloomquist, SS
  3. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
  4. Martin Prado,LF
  5. Aaron Hill, 2B
  6. Miguel Montero, C
  7. Matt Davidson, 3B
  8. Gerardo Parra, RF
  9. Trevor Cahill, P

Haven't we been here before? Yep. A mere five days ago, in fact, when Cahill took on Vogelsong as the D-backs faced the Giants. Not much has changed since last time, except for the location: tonight's contest will be taking place in a stadium without a roof. Both teams have made their September call-ups, but I couldn't even tell you who the Giants added. This either tells you there was no-one of importance, or that I find myself unable to give a damn about the expansion of the Giants' roster. Or possibly both. With a side order of, "Can the season finish already, so we can get on with the more important business of waiting for spring training?"

Yeah, we're down to the broken biscuits at the bottom of the barrel, folks, or the dust-like substance found at the bottom of a Doritos bag, which you attempt to funnel into your mouth, but inevitably end up pouring into your hear, so you smell vaguely of cool ranch for the rest of the day. Yeah, that's about where this season is currently sitting. It's like a TV series you used to watch, but which went through an unfortunate twist in the middle of the season, and is now limping along towards its conclusion. You still watch, more out of habit than anything. but have abandoned all realistic expectations of significant entertainment.

It certainly seem like Phoenix has abandoned the D-backs, with a total of barely 56,000 through the turnstiles at Chase Field for the three games against the Blue Jays - and, going by what I could see in the stands, it appears most of them were wearing hockey jerseys and drinking Molson. I wonder if the crowds at AT&T Park will be similarly affected? Their team has certainly fallen further and harder than the Diamondbacks, from World Series champions, to being extremely unlikely even to finish at .500. Or does that title provide the fandom equivalent of an air-bag, protecting the team against a certain level of disappointment?