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Snake Bytes 9/5: Business as Usual

The Diamondbacks notched their 13th walk-off win and notched their 16th extra-inning win of the season when Willie Bloomquist slapped a single up the middle to score Adam Eaton in the tenth inning.

Christian Petersen

Quick Quotes

"I was enjoying it internally," Bloomquist said. "They have taken the walkoff celebration to a whole new level. I will be pulling dirt out of my hair probably from now until the end of the season. It's all in good fun. It's worth it, definitely. I'd take it every day if that was the result."

Willie Bloomquist

"I don't think Bloomquist liked it, but he's usually miserable, anyway," Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson said. "We're like, `C'mon, Willie, get dirty.' It's a meek sacrifice to get the game-winner in my mind. It's a minimal sacrifice."

Kirk Gibson

"Delgado really settled in after we put up three on him," Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said. "He started locating his pitches, limited his mistakes."

John Gibbons

"Obviously, we'd like to get it done in nine, but if it takes long, it takes longer," Bloomquist said. "As long as we come out on top."

Willie Bloomquist

Daily Diamondback Digest

Diamondbacks Notch 13th Walk-off Win, Improve to 16-5 in Extra Innings

Randal Delgado gave up 3 runs in the opening frame, and it started to look like it was going to be another long day for the Arizona Diamondbacks. It turns out it was another long day, as the team went into extra innings for the 21st time this season, to win the game 3-4. After his shaky first inning, Delgado sat down 13 Blue Jays in a row en route to a seven-inning, four-hit performance.

Game Note: Toronto became the first team to leave no runners on base in an extra-inning game since Cincinnati on July 20, 1970.

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