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Pit Your Wits Week 20: Video Games and Stuff



Last week's thing and the results of:

First Place - hotclaws - 5 Recs

Welp,that sucked.

"... Are we not all ,in some way ,looking for our cow ? "- Brian Yeast

Second Place - ford.williams.10 - 4 Recs

With sincere apologies to Hammerstein and Rogers -- Poor Dbacks is daid (A Parody of Poor Jud is Daid from Oklahoma)

Poor Team is daid
Poor Diamondbacks is daid
All gather round his coffin now and cry
They had a heart of gold
And they wasn’t very old
Oh why did such a Team have to die

Poor Team is daid
Poor AZ Diamondbacks is daid
They’s looking oh so peaceful and serene

And serene!

They’s all laid down to rest
With hands across their chests
And fingernails have never looked so clean

And then the preacher’d get up and he’d say: "Folks, we are gathered
Here to mourn and growl our beloved Dbacks, who hung themselves up
By a lousy pitchin staff (‘part from Corbin and Miley and a few others), and then we have been weepin’ and
Wailin’ within some of the women." And then he’d say: "They was the
Most misunderstood Team in the territory. People used to think they was
Mean, ugly gents that threw baseballs at Dodger heads and they called ’em a dirty skunks and a northern
Pig stealers.

But the folks that really knowed ’I’m
Knowed that neath those dirty shirts they always wore
Their beated a heart as big as all outdoors

As big as all outdoors

Heck, they loved his fellow man

Each loved the birds of the desert
And the bees of the field
Each loved the mice and the vermin in the when visiting other dugouts
And each treated the rats like equals, which he knew was right!
And each loved the little children
Each loved us fans and everything in the world
Only they never let on, so nobody ever noticed

Poor Team is Daid
Poor AZ Diamondbacks is daid
Their fans all weep and wail from miles around

Miles around!

The daisies in the dell will give out a different smell
Because poor Dbacks is underneath the ground

Poor Team is daid, the candle lights their heads
They’s layin’ in a coffin made of wood


And folks are feelin’ sad cause the pennants Now and gone,
Now they know their team has gone ‘til Spring

Poor team is daid, a candle lights their head
They’s lookin oh so pretty and so nice
They looks like they’s asleep
It’s a shame that they won’t keep
But it’s summer and we’re runinng out of ice

Poor Team… Poor Team

Third Place - Fangdango - 3 Recs

Such a shame

They were able to keep up for a mile or so.

I’ll go back to get the carcass off the road.

" The future ain't what it used to be "

And here are standings:

Diamondhacks 25
Zavada's Moustache 24
imstillhungry95 23
Jim McLennan 21
piratedan7 17
blank_38 17
TimInTucson 11
preston.salisbury 11
soco 10
Xipooo 9
AJV19 7
kishi 7
SenSurround 6
AzDbackfaninDc 6
AzRattler 6
hotclaws 6
rd33 5
Dirtdawg90 4
BlackedOutInUT 3
ford.williams.10 3
TylerO 1
Reynolds Rapper 1
Fangdango 1

This week: Baseball simulation video games are all the rage. From direct games like MLB The Show to hardcore sims like Out of the Park, there's a market for it. If you were in charge of the next iteration of a Baseball Video Game, what sort of feature or game mode would you add? Show your work.