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Dbacks 4, Blue Jays 10: Angry Birds

The way the Blue Jays were launching baseballs all over the field, you would have thought that they were playing a game of Angry Birds. And we were the pigs.

Christian Petersen

It really didn't take long for it to become pretty clear that this really wasn't the Diamondbacks' night. Before they even got a chance to hit, Wade Miley gave up three hits, one of which was an RBI single to Brett Lawrie, to give the Blue Jays a 1-0 lead. Not good, but also not the worst inning ever. But the Canadian team wasn't done yet. They came right back in the second. They sent nine men to the plate, got five hits, one walk, and four runs, with Jose Reyes and Lawrie (again) getting RBI singles, and Rajai Davis getting a two run home run. Miley was pulled with two outs in the inning in favor of Josh Collmenter. Collmenter promptly got the final out to end the inning.

The offense really did not seem up to the task of keeping up with the Blue Jays early. The first nine batters that went to the plate went straight back to the dug out. It wasn't until Adam Eaton lead off the fourth inning with a home run that they managed to get a hit. I must say, though, if you're going to go multiple innings to start a game without getting a hit, a home run is a good way to break that up. Still, it was 5 - 1 Blue Jays.

Meanwhile, in the top halves of innings three through five, Josh Collmenter was just doing his normal thing. In the third, he sat down the side in order, and in the fourth, the only blemish was a two out walk that didn't amount to anything. In the fifth, there was a spot of trouble, when Collmenter gave up a lead off single to Mark De Rosa, who was allowed to move to third after Eaton caught a fly out and then threw it into the dugout, trying to get the runner at first. De Rosa then scored on an double by Moises Sierra to make the score 6 - 1. Collmenter then finished the inning and his night with a fly out to center and a ground ball to second.

For the Dbacks, the bottom of the fifth went even better than the bottom of the fourth. Miguel Montero lead the inning off, and got a single to right field. Parra flew out to center, but then Didi Gregorious hit a home run to bring home Montero and to cut Toronto's lead to only three.

In the seventh, Montero cut the deficit to only two runs with a lead off home run, but sadly, that was as close as they were to get. Despite Chaz Roe and David Hernandez, marking his return from banishment to Reno, throwing solid innings in the 6th and 7th respectively, Will Harris and Eury De La Rosa gave up three home runs and four runs on the board to give us the final score of 10 - 4 Blue Jays.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="450" width = "450" style="border:1px solid black;"></iframe><br /><span style="font-size:9pt;">Source: <a href="">FanGraphs</a></span>

Angry Bird: Miguel Montero, 11.2%

Green Pig: Wade Miley, 33.2%

Comment of the night goes to...!

I suppose when you are tired of treading water

You might as well take a really big mouthful and just die.

Yeah, that sums up how it felt like they were playing tonight.

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Join us again tomorrow for another game against the Blue Jays, this time at 12:40 PM Arizona time. Goodnight, everyone.