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2013: The Diamondbacks Year In Pictures

It was a year which. overall, will live long in the annals of Diamondbacks mediocrity, as the team finished for the second consecutive season exactly at .500. But that doesn't mean there weren't moments and images to remember.

Above, you'll find a selection of photos which record things that will stick in our mind. Some of them are happy, other sad. Some need no explanation; others probably fall closer to the point marked "WTF?" At this link, you'll find the animated version of one of the pictures, which perhaps will help you understand its inclusion. Or perhaps not. It may create more questions than it answers. I'll just let you decide. Personally, here are the five things which will stick in my mind from 2013

  1. Paul Goldschmidt's arrival as an MVP candidate.
  2. The brawl in Dodger Stadium.
  3. Free baseball: seven games going 14 innings or longer.
  4. The utter implosion of Jason Kubel
  5. Patrick Corbin's amazing first-half, going from competing for the fifth starter's job, to the All-Star Game.

What were your lasting memories of the season just finished? When the history of the franchise is written, how would you sum up the 2013 campaign?