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SnakeBytes 9/3: Labor Day Blues

The Diamondbacks bats took Labor Day off this year.

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Quotes of the Day

“Every time we start talking about, ‘We’ve got to make a push, we’ve got to get going here if we’re going to do this thing,’ a guy like (Petit) comes up and just baffles us. I really don’t have an answer.”

- Aaron Hill on the Diamondbacks' inconsistent play.

“Do we want to hit more? Yeah, yeah, we do. We want to win games.”

- Kirk Gibson on the Diamondbacks' anemic offense.

Diamondbacks News

Arizona Diamondbacks fall short in series opener vs. Toronto Blue Jays

The Diamondbacks' bats fell silent yet again as they dropped the series opener 4-1 to the Blue Jays. Brandon McCarthy went the distance, at one point retiring 19 out of 20 batters between the second and eight innings. Despite this strong outing, the Diamondbacks were again unable to muster any offense, once again making a back-of-the-rotation starter look like an ace.

Inconsistent attack; farm report; & other stuff | Insiders

Nick Piecoro reminds us of one of the cruelest ironies of the 2013 season: this team that was constructed, in major part, to avoid the boom-or-bust inconsistencies of the 2012 team has been the model of inconsistency. Last year, the Diamondbacks scored 0-3 runs in 43.2% of their games, this year that number is up to 47.8%.

Martin Prado's amazing August, by the numbers

Jules Tompkins at Arizona Sports breaks down Martin Prado's blazing hot August.

D-backs Langwell Reports to Club, Transfer Ross to 60-Day Disabled List | News

Matt Langwell, the PTBNL was added to the big league roster. To make room for the reliever, Cody Ross will head to the 60-Day DL.

Around the League

Raise your hand if you'll miss "of Anaheim" - Baseball Nation

Then end for one of the most head-scratching nicknames in all of sports might be nigh. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim might be dropping "of Anaheim." The awkward modifier was adopted due to terms in the Angels' lease with the City of Anaheim requiring the city to be featured in the team's name. With a new lease being negotiated, that clause figures to be omitted clearing Angels' owner Arte Moreno to rename the team, simply, the Los Angeles Angels.

Labor Day grill: Pirates take over first place in NL Central | The Strike Zone -

There are lots of great races going on around the league. Unfortunately the Diamondbacks aren't participating in any of them.


Don't Give The Kid That Baseball, Exhibit No. 3,328

I love when this happens.