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Diamondbacks 2, Padres 3

The Diamondbacks have played a lot of extra innings this year, but the experience didn't help today in getting a win.

Denis Poroy

The Padres scored their initial runs in the 3rd inning, getting a slew, peck, gaggle, cord, group, sord of hits to take a 2 run lead.  It started innocently enough with a 1 out walk by Wil Venable.  He was subsequently picked off at first to provide your daily dose of TOOTBLAN.  It was too bad for the Padres, as Chris Denorfia followed with a triple.  He was brought home by a Jedd Gyorko single, who was subsequently brought around with a Chase Headley double.

The Diamondbacks immediately responded in the top of the fourth with a little offense of their own.  Paul Goldschmidt took a walk, and Martin Prado hit a 2 run homer to tie the game.  It's too bad he had such a slow start this year, because he's kind of a fun player.  Haters to left and all that.

After that there was a lot of trading of scoreless innings.  No one cares about that, it's boring, what you came here for was the scoring.

It was a getaway day, so of course that means extra innings.  Fast forward to the bottom of the 11th.  Medica hit an infield single, then advanced to third on a ground rule double that AJ Pollock couldn't find.  An intentional walk followed, loading the bases with no outs.  The Diamondbacks luck wouldn't last any further, with a game winning single making through the middle infield to give the win and the series to the Padres.