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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 24

The semi-finals of the SnakePit Fantasy Baseball took place this week, with the usual mix of close games and a major upset.

Alex Cobb takes a little lie down, after being awarded Pitcher of the Week
Alex Cobb takes a little lie down, after being awarded Pitcher of the Week
Al Messerschmidt

Week 24 Results

Championship bracket
Alabama Slammers 5, Sofa King Juiced 4
A huge shock, as fourth-seeds Alabama sent regular-season champions out. Home-runs ended locked at two, and that was enough to give Slammers the upset. Sofa piled up 90 K's behind Pitcher of the Week Cobb (two W, 22 K), but Janssen's three Sv and Zimmermann (W + 9 K) kept Alabama right there. On offense Lind had two HR and six RBI, but his .353 average was crucial, as the Slammers took BA by .001, as things went right down to the final at-bat on Sunday Night. Gomez and Simmons each had two HR for Juiced.

Mizzoula Osprey 7, Moved Upton 2
Having already pulled off a surprise win, Upton tried to do so again in the semis, but the Osprey held them off. Mizzoula came within a stolen-base of a sweep in the hitting categories, though as in the other semi-final, BA was decided by a single tick. Goldschmidt and Cespedes each had three-homer weeks for the Osprey, and Freeman added two. Moved did get a W and 19 strikeouts from Dickey, but Mizzoula had a collective sub-two ERA, led by Nova's W and seven shutout K's, and move on to this week's final.

5th/6th place: Waffles 6, Dirt McGrit 2
Perhaps closer than the score seemed, with HR and W ending tied, and Waffles taking BA by .005. Andrus (Waffles) and Zimmerman (McGrit) were the only players with more than one home-run, but seven Runs and five RBI by Carpenter helped Waffles take both categories. They also got a W and 11 strikeouts by Lynn, to lead their pitchers; Sanchez fanned 16 for Dirt to give them that category.

Consolation bracket
MyWieterGetzLongoria 6, CompleteGameShutout 4
Venable may only have hit .140, but his RBI and two SB proved crucial for Wieter, as they took both categories by a single point, and it was enough to edge Complete. Walker homered three times and drove in five for Longoria, with Trout delivering three HR and six RBI for Shutout. Both teams had sub-three ERAs, with Cole's W + 12 K's being countered for Complete by the same numbers from Shields.

Space Wizard 6, Got Grittiness? 4
Space put up a WHIP below one and an ERA below two, with Burnett's Win and 20 strikeouts backed by six shutout K's from Cain. Their offense did just enough to hold Got off, with Soriano homering twice and Votto scoring seven Runs. Bruce drove in 14 for Grittiness, with Gyorko adding two home-runs and six RBI: Quintana's Win and five strikeouts was their best pitching performance.

11th/12th place: AZ SnakePit 5, Phoenix Platypi 4
11th place goes to Snake, after Saves ended tied at two. Both teams pitched well, but Porcello (W + 19 strikeouts) were enough to give AZ the edge, despite Lee's W + 22 K for the Platypi. At the dish, Phoenix got two HR from Lowrie and Frazer, but Snake got the same from Smoak and Utley, the latter also driving in 10.

Week 25 games

Championship final: Alabama Slammers vs. Mizzoula Osprey
3rd/4th place: Sofa King Juiced vs. Moved Upton
Consolation final: MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Space Wizard
9th/10th place: CompleteGameShutout vs. Got Grittiness?

We're down to the final rounds, with the top four spots in each bracket being decided this week. Can Slammers knock off the #2 seeds, having already dispatched the #1? Will Sofa, having been eliminated, bounce back against Moved? And will it be Wieter or Space who take home the consolation trophy for the year? Tune in next Monday for the answers....