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SnakeBytes 9/20: The Dream is Over

After exploding to a huge early-inning lead, the D-backs, like all year, couldn't hold onto the lead and lost. The loss all but clinches another playoff-less season. Expect to see a lot of the young guns from here on out.

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Hey Miggy, did you know you can see through these caps?
Hey Miggy, did you know you can see through these caps?
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports


We put a great team together and a big payroll with huge expectations, and a lot of times that falls apart. And it had a chance to fall apart during the season, but these guys were loyal. There was not backbiting. They stuck together. It (the big deficit) fazes you a little bit, but you have to keep it together. We didn't panic. We believed in the talent that we had, and now we have put ourselves in position. That's what we talked about in spring training: Get in position. We haven't gotten where we want to go, but you can't yourself there without getting in position.

Don Mattingly

I would expect them to act with a little more class than they did. I doubt the New York Yankees would do something like that. They clinched the division this year, so if that’s how they’re going to act and be classless, that’s their clubhouse.

Willie Bloomquist

Diamondbacks Daily

Dodgers pull off another comeback to clinch NL West
In a season defined by one of the greatest comebacks in major league history, a three-run deficit was hardly going to be enough to keep the Los Angeles Dodgers from the NL West title Thursday. Driven by Hanley Ramirez, the Dodgers clinched the NL West pennant with a 7-6 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks, becoming the fourth team to finish a season in first place after being in last place on July 1 or later.

D-backs not enamored with Dodgers' pool party
The Diamondbacks understood that the Dodgers had the talent and the resources to make a big splash in the NL West this season. But not like that. The splash they made after clinching was met with disdain.

D-backs unable to fend off Dodgers' clincher |
For 67 days this summer, nearly 10 weeks, the D-backs stood atop the National League West standings. But as the season wore on, the Dodgers arose from the cellar and rallied from 9 1/2 games back to overtake Arizona, eventually running away with the division.

The Dodgers are idiots
Yasiel Puig thought it OK to blow off a Diamondbacks legend in his own ballpark, and everyone in Dodger Blue covered for him. A handful of others thought it OK to mock another team’s playoff tradition, jumping in the Chase Field pool after winning the National League West on Thursday. And nobody thought to stop them.

D-backs want to increase Putz's work in spring |
After two injuries -- one fluky and one structural -- forced him to miss roughly half the season this year, D-backs reliever J.J. Putz will have his spring workload ramped up come 2014 as the club tries to keep the veteran healthy.

Developing Delgado learning to limit long balls |
For Randall Delgado to take the next step in his development in 2014, there is one area in particular he'll have to clean up: The 23-year-old has served up a staggering 21 homers in his 17 starts.

D-backs start final road trip with a visit to Rox |
With their postseason elimination number at one, the D-backs must refocus for their final road trip of the season, a seven-game intradivisional stretch that begins on Friday night against the Rockies.

Pollock makes most of opportunity to stick in bigs |
D-backs outfielder A.J. Pollock capitalized on an opportunity to prove himself this season, making his impact felt at the plate and even more so in the outfield.

Around the League

Dear baseball people: Lighten up
It's a game, everyone. Entertainment. Yes, it's a business, and, yes, athletes are competitive and Willie Bloomquist probably didn't enjoy seeing the Dodgers celebrate on his home field ... but can't we all just relax a little bit here? So the Dodgers jumped in the pool? Good for them, I say. Live in the moment.

See Dodger Fans

A whole lotta 1's
About the only thing interesting at a Houston game.

Billy Hamilton ya'll
Stealing on a pitchout. Yikes.