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Turds in the pool

Lot of discussion regarding the Dodgers celebrating by jumping in the pool at Chase Field after yesterday's game...

Norm Hall

Let's start with some of the local reactions on the Twitterverse:

Personally, I can't bring myself to do much more than roll my eyes. It just confirms what we've known about the current incarnation of the Dodgers. Really, you've got a better chance of seeing Miley Cyrus behave with dignity than this bunch. Sure, it was boorish and crass. That is, after all, the Los Angeles way: why should their sports teams be any different? Didn't expect anything else, from a team run by Don "If you can't pitch inside...then you shouldn't pitch inside" Mattingly. That is, of course, the man whose pitchers hit five of our batters over these last two games - without anyone charging the mound. Assholes behaving like assholes? This is my surprised face.

I'd probably be a bit more upset if it was the first time anyone had done it. Instead, of course, the Dodgers trail in the wake of the 2011 Diamondbacks, and look hopelessly arriviste, showing up two years late to the party. We can hardly claim a high-ground of tradition when it happened precisely once, and it's kinda laughable the Los Angeles players apparently got confused and thought it was. It would be like us clinching in Dodger Stadium, and celebrating by beating up a fan in the visitor parking lot: hopelessly befuddled as to the basic concept.

So it's really nothing to get too worked up about. But it's certainly something to remember for 2014, and I've little doubt that even the Diamondbacks who profess not to care a damn publicly, will use it as fuel to drive them to do better next season. The Dodgers' actions can only help motivate us for the next campaign, and for that, we thank them. The best "revenge" would be to turn the tables on them, clinch in Dodger Stadium when we play there in early September, bring out the fire-hoses to turn some of their executive boxes into a swimming-pool, and then dive into that. That's what I call a novel celebration.

Let the LA trolling commence....