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Diamondback Trends: 9/12-9/18

Before anyone asks, this set of numbers excludes this afternoon's game. So what we have covered here, is two out of three wins against the Rockies, and the same against the Dodgers. Clear on that? Right, let's go...

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Starting Rotation

Player Trend Notes
Patrick Corbin
You know that "talk of fatigue ending his season appears to be silenced for now" sentence I wrote last week? Yeah... About that... Corbin fell right off the wagon again, allowing seven hits and six runs in 2.1 innings. But he'll keep pitching: "My sense is that we’ll continue to let him throw," said Kirk Gibson.
Wade Miley
Wade became only the second left-handed starter in team history to reach 10 wins in successive seasons - no prizes for guessing who was the first - pitching into the seventh inning and holding the Rockies to two runs on six hits. It hasn't quite been as fabulous as his Rookie of the Year campaign, but it's been a solid sophomore season.
Brandon McCarthy
This week's two-start pitcher had no shortage of hits - 21 over 12 innings - but still did deliver a pair of quality starts and a 3.55 ERA. McCarthy is the first pitcher in D-back history, and only third NL hurler since 2005, to pitch consecutive quality starts while allowing double-digit hits in each.
Randall Delgado
After last week, where it appeared Delgado was under the illusion he was throwing batting practice, he settled down significantly this time. Randall held Colorado to five hits and a walk over six innings, though inevitably still allowed a home-run, for the two runs given up. Hey, at least it was only one dinger.
Trevor Cahill
You might be surprised to discover that Cahill has been the Diamondbacks' best pitcher since the All-Star break, going 4-0 in seven starts, with a 2.79 ERA. Still concerned about his K:BB ratio, which is only 25:21, with as many walks as strikeouts this week, but there hasn't been much good contact being made.


Player Trend Notes
Heath Bell
The Heath Bell Experience continues in one of its quieter spells, with another two scoreless appearances this week. That's four in all since the last meltdown: season high is 11 consecutive games without a run allowed, so we'll see how this goes.
Josh Collmenter
Collmenter is now second on the all-time D-backs list for innings pitched by a pure reliever i.e. zero starts. Going into today, he needed 11 to tie Byung-Hyun Kim from 2001 for the top mark. This week: seven batters faced, seven retired.
Eury De La Rosa
September continues to suck for de la Rosa, though at least this week he did allow a hit that wasn't a home-run. He still allowed a run in his only appearance of the week, though this reduced his ERA for the month to 20.25.
Will Harris
So much for becoming the second D-back to throw 50+ IP with a sub-two ERA, as hoped last week. An outing against the Rockies, where four of five batters faced scored, have ended that hope. He now needs 19.1 scoreless innings to get back to that.
Chaz Roe
Our busiest reliever of the week saw Roe appear in four games, and scatter three hits and a walk, but struck out six over 3.2 innings. Collmenter Lite has held batters to a .163 average since coming up on August 24.
Joe Thatcher
Two batters faced, three outs recorded. I probably wasn't the only one to give a fist-pump when he generated the double-play yesterday, with the tying run on third.
Brad Ziegler
Brad's stats for 2012 and 2013 to date are eerily similar:
2012: 68.2 IP, 54 H, 21 R, 19 ER, 21 BB, 42 K, 2.49 ERA
2013: 68.2 IP, 58 H, 20 R, 18 ER, 21 BB, 38 K, 2.36 ERA
Tony Sipp
Busy week for Sipp, with three appearances, albeit brief. The bad one was the 13th, against Colorado when he walked the only batter faced, who came around to score.
David Hernandez
I don't think enough has been said about how damn good DH has been since coming back. Eight scoreless innings pitched, two hits, two walks (one intentional), eight strikeouts and a .299 OPS against. This week? Nine up, nine down.
J.J. Putz
Back, but still likely to be treated gingerly for a while. His first outing was a quick 12-pitch affair, retiring three of four batters faced while allowing a walk.
Matt Langwell
Gave up his first run as a D-back, in early relief of Corbin on Tuesday. The second soon followed, but all told, four innings of work results in a respectable 4.50 ERA.

Starting Lineup

Player Trend Notes
Gerardo Parra
Parra continues to struggle offensively, and at this point, the prospect of a long-term deal doesn't appeal as much as it did, say at the end of June when he was hitting over .300. Since then, his line is .211/.266/.321 and there's only so much his assists compensate. This week, he was 3-for-20.
Adam Eaton
Solid enough week for Eaton, who went 8-for-25 with three doubles and drove in five runs. That's a .320 BA, but only one walk kept his OBP to .346, and likely prevented any up-arrow. Well, that and Eaton hitting into three double-plays.
Paul Goldschmidt
MVPaul! MVPaul! What more, really, is there to be said? 11-for-21 with four walks, most of those hits being for extra-bases and three of them not coming back. Nine RBI in total, and a line of .524/.600/1.143, for a 1.743 OPS.
Martin Prado
Went 4-for-19 with a pair of doubles, and drove in three. However, one walk gave him an OBP of .238, and it's clear there'll be no repeating as Player of the Month for him in September.
Aaron Hill
Definitely improved this week, reaching double-figures in hits, going 10-for-23 with two home-runs and driving in five. His OPS is just 19 points short of what it was in 2012, so we can only wonder what might have been with a full season from Aaron.
Miguel Montero
As well as going 6-for-16 with two home-runs this week, Montero also had twice as many walks (six) as strikeouts (three), giving him an OBP of .565. However, he also racked up a team-leading four double-plays, giving him 18, a new career high.
A.J. Pollock
Decent week for Pollock, in fairly limited playing time - only 12 PAs. He went 4-for-9, with no extra-base hits, but was another one who walked more than he struck out, and you can't argue with a .583 OBP.
Chris Owings
Moves up from the "bench" category, at the expense of Bloomquist, but didn't do much when putting the ball in play, going 2-for-12. A good sign in the three walks, and so far, he has a K:BB ratio of 6:6. Unexpected, though SSS applies after only 34 PAs.


Player Trend Notes
Wil Nieves
Not seen much, going 0-for-3 in a couple of games.
Eric Chavez
Since coming back from the DL, Chavez has struggled, hitting below the Uecker line (6-for-31), with only one extra-base hit. This week, he went 1-for-8 with one walk.
Didi Gregorius
He is at least back to hitting singles after his extra-base surge. Unfortunately, just not enough of them, going 2-for-10 without a walk or XBH, leading to a .400 OPS
Matt Davidson
Davidson saw more playing time, and certainly looked the part better this week than last, going 5-for-9 with a home-run and four walks. That's a .714 on-base percentage.
Tony Campana
Still being wielded as a late-inning threat, and added two stolen-bases to his tally - he's 4th on the team already, with 8. Went 1-for-3 at the plate.
Tuffy Gosewisch
Cliff Pennington
We can call off the search, as Pennington finally got into a game on Sep 17 - more than two weeks after his last one. He promptly doubled, and might not be seen again.
Willie Bloomquist
With extended looks being given to Owings and Gregorius, Bloomquist hasn't seen as much playing time of late, and went 1-for-7. is the Bloomquist era in Arizona ending?

Disabled List

Player Trend Notes
Daniel Hudson
Hudson is home and recovering from Tommy John surgery #2.
Matt Reynolds
Bad news here, as a setback has led to Reynolds being scheduled for Tommy John surgery next week. His return for 2014 is now in doubt. Maybe he can compare scars with Huddy...
Cody Ross
Ross is home and recovering from hip surgery. Like Reynolds, moved to the 60-day DL

Stats run from 9/12-9/18

Note. As there are only three games left after next Thursday - and because I'll be in San Diego - there will be no Trends next week. I'll have a final wrap-up regular edition next Monday, covering the final ten days of the season, and we'll then be starting a series of specials, with each area and its contributors being assessed over the entire 2013 season.