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Snake Bytes 9/19: One to Go

The Diamondbacks rode Brandon McCarthy and Paul Goldschmidt to a 9-4 victory on Wednesday night, preventing the Dodgers from celebrating at Chase Field. The two teams play their final game against each other this year this afternoon at 12:40 local time.

Ralph Freso

Quick Quotes

"It's still a pride thing," D-backs starter Brandon McCarthy said. "I mean, you understand where things stand, but you don't want to see them celebrate. If they go somewhere else, whatever happens is fine, you just don't want to them to do it on your home field and have to sit there and know that it's going on. If you can get them out of here without having to see it, then all the better."

Brandon McCarthy

"They've been talking about other really good candidates, and we're certainly biased here, but he proves it day in and day out," Gibson said. "He's everything you could want and he's certainly deserving of the MVP award. We just have to keep jamming it down their throat."

Kirk Gibson on MVP candidate Paul Goldschmidt

"It was just a really long, slow game," McCarthy said. "It wasn't moving. I like to keep things moving quickly, it kept getting bogged down."

Brandon McCarthy

(Wednesday's affair was a 3:24 nine-inning affair versus the MLB average of 2:58)

Daily Diamondback Digest

Diamondbacks ride Goldy, five-run 8th inning to hold off Dodger celebration

Brandon McCarthy turned in another decent performance, allowing only 3 runs over 6+ innings of work, while Paul Goldschmidt added to his NL leading home run and RBI totals as the Diamondbacks downed the Los Angeles Dodgers 9-4 on Wednesday night. The two teams will go at it for a final time this afternoon, with the Diamondbacks once again working to keep the Dodgers from celebrating at Chase.

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Around MLB

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The Reds' top prospect, Billy Hamilton, got his first MLB start on Wednesday night in Houston. He responded by going 3-4 with 2 walks, 2 runs scored, and an RBI from the ninth spot in the order. Oh yeah, he also stole four bases in the game - the last one beating a pitch-out.

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The Highlight Reel

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Chris Davis

Bases loaded. Two outs. 12th inning. What do you think he does?