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SnakeBytes 9/18: KOrbin

The Dodgers got to Patrick Corbin early, hanging 6 runs on the Diamondbacks' de facto ace in just 2 innings.

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Norm Hall

Quotes of the Day

"You can't have enough middle infielders. I don't know anybody who would say we have too many middle infielders, we have to move one. There are ways to get them enough at-bats up here. Didi and 'C.O.' are two young players. It's perfect that one is right-handed (Owings) and one is left-handed."

- Kevin Towers on the young talent at short stop.

"It drives me nuts that people don't talk about him. His numbers are ridiculous. He's having an unbelievable year. He should be front and center in line for the MVP.

- Aaron Hill on Paul Goldschmidt not getting the MVP attention he deserves.

Diamondbacks News

D-backs like what they see in Gregorius, Owings

The Diamondbacks have been giving the young guns a significant look at short stop over the last few weeks and they like what they see. But, the emergence of Chris Owings could create a logjam at short (a totally foreseeable logjam, and one that Towers knowingly created, but I digress...). Kevin Towers, however, seems unmotivated to move one of Didi Gregorious or Chris Owings alluding to a potential platoon situation in the future.

Ranking the 30 teams from least likable to most likable - Baseball Nation

The Diamondbacks finish mid-pack in ranking of each team's likability. Grant Brisbee had the following to say about the 18th least likeable team in the league: "A 100-win season in their second year, and a World Series in their fourth. And a swimming pool? Also, Mark Grace as an announcer, even if that's in the past." Brisbee, it should be noted, is a Giants fan, and therefore his opinion should be taken with a massive grain of salt.

Surging Goldschmidt giving Diamondbacks a big parting gift | Insiders

Dan Bickley thinks that Goldschmidt's latest surge, which has brought the team a few games over .500, is significant for the team going in to next year as it signals progress over last year's .500 team. Seems like a stretch, but that's never stopped Bickley before.

Around the League

Los Angeles Angels scouted Masahiro Tanaka, Japanese pitcher, according to report - ESPN Los Angeles

The Angels might be chasing the next Yu Darvish success story.

Matt Harvey will attempt to rehabilitate elbow rather than undergo surgery | The Strike Zone -

Matt Harvey is opting for rehab rather than Tommy John.

The A’s are Moneyballing Again | FanGraphs Baseball

The A's are back to their old ways, identifying new market inefficiencies. This time it's not so much about drawing walks, having an ugly girlfriend and looking bad in jeans. It's more about ensuring that your bad players aren't quite as bad as the other team's.

Rizzo for Cashner: Two seasons later, who says no? - Baseball Nation

Ex post trade evaluations. The best trade evaluations.

Wait 'Til Next Year: Philadelphia Phillies | The Strike Zone -

Someone should re-evaluate every trade Ruben Amaro has ever made.

I was just wrong about Clint Hurdle - Baseball Nation

It might be time to re-evaluate your opinion of Clint Hurdle.