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FINAL: Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 7

Despite a reasonably-solid-on-the-surface outing from Brandon McCarthy and a three-run Miguel Montero shot in the ninth, a poor bullpen performance gave the Diamondbacks a loss in the series opener against Colorado.

Christian Petersen

Brandon McCarthy threw his third quality start in his last four outings, but it mattered not in the end with an offense that failed to do anything against the vaunted Rockies starter Tyler Chatwood and their bullpen. Although McCarthy only allowed two runs in his six innings, he allowed nearly two baserunners an inning, surrendering 11 hits (and walking none) to go with just two strikeouts. When you have someone like McCarthy that's pitching to contact, though, you just have those games.

There have certainly been worse pitching performances, as was proven by Will Harris in the seventh, who ended the night with a line of 0.1 IP, 4 H, and 4 ER. He entered, allowed a double, a single, and another single, then threw a wild pitch, then got an out at home (that wasn't actually an out, but we'll take it) on a fielder's choice, then left the game. So, in reality, it was more like five earned runs in zero innings pitched. Will Harris, appropriately, was saddled with the loss.

Miguel Montero (who reached base or homered in all five of his at-bats) did his best to make things interesting in the ninth, sending a Manny Corpas pitch into the right-field bleachers for a three-run homer, the D-backs still fell 7-5. Back to .500 we go.