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Join us for SnakePitFest [presented by Asteroid], September 17

As the season winds down, time for a last SnakePit get-together at Chase Field. This'll take place on Tuesday night against the Dodgers. Let's just hope it's not the night they clinch the division....

This event is being brought to you, courtesy of a kind donation of unused season tickets from Asteroid and Mr. Asteroid. They exchanged all the tickets they didn't use over the course of the season, for a block of seats to Tuesday's game, and we've been tasked with distributing these to the masses. They are nice seats (section 119, specifically) and these is no charge to attend. The only requirements are a) you cheer enthusiastically for the Diamondbacks, and b) you don't pull a Dodgers and leave in the seventh inning. Of course, you also have to sit with us. :)

Tickets will be distributed on the day of the game, as we meet at the Rose and Crown [just up 7th St, next to Pizzeria Bianco], from about 5pm. You can hang with us there as we have a spot of dinner, and toast the 2013 season, or head into the ballpark. You'll also get to meet a number of SnakePit "celebrities" - quotes used extremely ironically! - including myself and Mrs. SnakePit, imstillhungry95, edbigghead, Turambar, Clefo, BattleMoses and the Asteroids.

To sign up, simply post in the comments below. There are a limited number of tickets available, but if you want to bring an other half, offspring, etc. indicate that too, and we'll see what we can do. It'll largely be first-come, first-served, but I reserve the right to line-jump regular posters and commenters on the site, ahead of people whom we've never heard from before! Look forward to seeing people there, and bidding farewell to the baseball year.