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SnakeBytes 9/11: The .500 Club

It seems as though the Diamondbacks for the last few years have hovered right around .500, never straying too far above or below the mark. Well, they're back sitting at 72-72

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Harry How

Quotes of the Day

"They've got a good team, from their lineup to their pitching. There's a lot of veterans there who have done it before and put up those kind of numbers, and now they've got younger guys like (Yasiel) Puig."

- Trevor Cahill on the Dodgers.

Diamondbacks News

D-backs lose in 11th inning, fall back to .500

Dodgers win 5-3 on a walk-off homer from Scott Van Slyke in the bottom of the 11th. In a way, this season has been one big Scott Van Slyke walk-off homer.

Brandon McCarthy Wants to Change It Up | FanGraphs Baseball

Brandon McCarthy really gives you a glimpse inside of his approach to pitching. Though he's been a proponent of getting outs in whatever form they may come, he acknowledges that he may have taken this to the extreme which has left him without a strikeout pitch. To remedy that, he's developing a change up to generate swings and misses.

D-backs announce 2014 schedule

The 2014 schedule has been announced. Of note, the frequently discussed season-opening series in Australia, a series against the Tigers at Chase Field, and the Cardinals coming to Chase to end the season.

Kirk Gibson says Arizona Diamondbacks are still playing for pride

The Diamondbacks' playoff hopes might be realistically dashed, but Kirk Gibson still wants to win the remaining 19 games. “That would give us 91 wins,” Gibson said. “I think you have to have pride. We are professionals. What you can’t do is start changing the way we said we want to do things all year. It has to continue. We need to try to make it as hard for these guys (the Dodgers) as we can. When it gets to the Rockies, it’s the same. It’s a much tougher challenge mentally, for sure. And physically because we’ve played a lot of games.”

With Jarrod Parker hot, Arizona Diamondbacks fans ask ‘what if’

Trevor Cahill pitched pretty well last night, but I guess this argument is worth re-hashing. KT took what he thought was the safe bet in Cahill (and who can blame him with the recent rash of young pitching injuries), but Parker has looked good this year.

Arizona Diamondbacks' A.J. Pollock has room to grow at the plate

Pollock has been a fantastic glove in center field all season, but there's room to improve at the plate. Kevin Towers would like to see that growth manifest itself as a higher OBP. “I think he’ll hit for average, but what I think will really benefit his game is a higher on-base,” Diamondbacks General Manager Kevin Towers said. “If he can get to league average or above, draw some more walks, I think that will help his overall game. But it’s tough when you’re a young player, and you’re not playing every day.”

Around the League

Hochevar, Holland headline Royals' remade relief corps | The Strike Zone -

I would kill for a Pirates-Royals World Series. Please Universe, make this happen.

Okay, so where is baseball's Chip Kelly? - Baseball Nation

Are there any innovators in the vein of Chip Kelly in baseball? Short answer: no.


Adam Eaton And Unintended Consequences | NotGraphs Baseball

This is why you don't take batting pointers from bloggers.