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Dbacks 3, Dodgers 5

The starters tonight, Trevor Cahill and Edinson Volquez, both had very similar results this evening. Both went six innings, giving up three runs on four hits. Similar results, but that's where the similarities end. Cahill was hurt by a throwing error on Miguel Montero, when the later seemed to be trying to get a double play on a bunt by Volquez, but instead threw the ball into center field. Despite this, though, Cahill still had a decent night. He was followed by David Hernandez, Will Harris, and Josh Collmenter.

The Dbacks biggest blow offensively came courtesy of Didi Gregorius hitting mammoth two run home run in the fifth inning. Montero also got involved with an RBI single in the fourth. But other than that, it was rather quite during the top halves of the innings.

Then extra innings happened again. Josh Collmenter came in for the tenth, and did not have his best night. He gave up two walks (one intentional) and a wild pitch in the tenth. He got out of it unscathed, but in the 11th, he gave up a walk off, two run home run to Scott Van Slyke to end the game. Dodgers win, 5-3