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SnakeBytes 8/9: Confidence Boost

When the D-backs returned from their recent road-trip, the feeling around the city and clubhouse was they were done. The Dodgers had just won their 15th game on the road in a row and we had just been shutout in Boston to close the trip. But 2 games against the Rays and 2 victories later, our confidence is back and we have high hopes to close the 5-game gap and win the division.

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Prado gained consciousness for a brief moment right before the demon Cody Ross summoned took control again.
Prado gained consciousness for a brief moment right before the demon Cody Ross summoned took control again.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


He might be one of the top lefties in all of baseball -- not just the National League -- and we saw dominant-type stuff.

- Boston Manager John Farrell

I knew I could do it [be a starter]. I've been behind someone my whole career, but I always knew that if something happened, I could do it on a daily basis. It's just about getting good habits, so that whenever I'm in the game, it's muscle memory. I don't think about mechanics, I think about seeing the ball and hitting it. That's what happens when you practice the right way.

- Wil Nieves

Diamondbacks News

Matt Williams said to be a candidate to become Nats manager in '14 |
Matt Williams, the former Giants, Indians and Diamondbacks slugger who has been coaching in Arizona the past few years, has been mentioned as a potential Washington Nationals managerial candidate for next year.

Randall Delgado on fast learning curve |
Randall Delgado did not look like a particularly good prospect to Ricardo Ortiz when he first laid eyes on him nine years ago. But most things change, and luckily for Delgado, he has turned into a bonafide MLB starter.

Chat transcript with D-backs president and CEO Derrick Hall |
During his August chat with fans, D-backs president and CEO Derrick Hall talked about the trade of Ian Kennedy, gave an update on several injured players and when some of the organization's prospects will join the big league roster.

Gosewisch's nine years in Minors finally pays off | News
Destructive, determined and ever-resilient, Tuff Gosewisch's nine-year road to the big leagues is finally a reality. Also, ASU ASU ASU ASU.

D-backs' Thatcher the consummate specialist |
Thatcher gave a textbook demonstration in his first weekend with the D-backs, when he did not give up a hit to any the eight batters he faced and got Oritz three times, on two popouts and a strikeout. He pitched in all three games against the Red Sox.

Heating-up D-backs host Mets for three-game set |
One thing seems certain: The second meeting between the Diamondbacks and Mets this season will not be as bizarre as the first, when two of the four games went into extra innings and two had rain delays. The D-backs lost the opener in New York in 13 innings and won the final game in 15, when Brad Ziegler recorded the first of his now seven saves as the bullpen underwent a facelift.

Today in Baseball

Miguel Cabrera falls like a baby.
Here's your MVP folks.

I believe this counts as assault with a deadly weapon
Hey look, Roger Clemens is playing again.

The Dodgers
Their first mistake was Either in CF.

This happened during the National Anthem.
And yes, that's a random baby.

Marlins Legends of Wrestling Night
I couldn't believe it either, but somehow tickets are still available.