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Diamondbacks 9, Rays 8

A back and forth affair ends with a D'Backs win.

Holy jeezum, where to start with this one.

The Rays took a 3-0 lead to start off the game off Randall Delgado and that was bad.

The Diamondbacks were able to fight back with four more runs by the end of the third with a Martin Prado home run involved and that was good.

They were able to get three more runs in the bottom of the fifth on an Eric Chavez single, Aaron Hill double and Wil Nieves sac fly and that was good.

Josh Collmenter, Will Harris, and Joe Thatcher combined to cough up four runs in the top of the seventh to lose the lead and that was bad.

Martin Prado had a good day at the plate, including the eventual game winning single that scored two in the bottom of the eighth and that was good.

Brad Ziegler ran into some trouble, but got the save thanks to an awesome double play, the record-breaking sixth of the game for the Diamondbacks, and the Diamondbacks sweep the series, and that was good.

Full recap upcoming.