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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 17

After a week of close games, this round was defined by blowouts, with five of the seven contests being decided by six points or more. Here are the details...

Pitcher of the week Chris Perez notched multi-wins and multi-saves
Pitcher of the week Chris Perez notched multi-wins and multi-saves
Jason Miller

Week 17 Results

AZ SnakePit 1, Waffles 9
Neither side got much from their pitching - Kendrick (Snake) and Gonzalez (Waffles) each had 27 ERAs - but Waffles prevailed convincingly, with Lynn's W + 18 K standing out. Cruz and Rizzo each had three homers for them on offense; Garza struck out eleven for AZ.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 8, Alabama Slammers 2
Wieter swept hitting, though it wasn't hard, as Alabama batted .229 with one HR for the week, though Castro drove in six for them. Wieter got the same from Encarnacion and Kendrick scored five. They also go three Sv from Kimbrel and 16 K by Samardzija, Wood won two for Alabama.

Phoenix Platypi 2, Moved Upton 8
Upton took all five pitching points, Lirano's two Wins and 14 strikeouts assisted by three Sv from Johnson; Darvish had a zero ERA W and 14 K for Phoenix. They also got three Home-runs by Davis, but Upton held on as Upton had three HR and drove in nine, anchoring their offense.

Sofa King Juiced 9, Got Grittiness? 0
The week's biggest blowout saw Sofa come within one HR of a whitewash. Holliday drove in six and scored nine times for them, Craig had seven Runs for Got. Kennedy led Sofa's pitchers with a W and 13 strikeouts, backed by Kasmir's W + 10 K's. Turner fanned 10 for Grittiness.

Mizzoula Osprey 9, Blonde Streaks 1
Second-placed Mizzoula kept up with a near-blanking of Blonde, who only took SB by one. The Osprey got three HR from Goldschmidt, while Freeman scored nine and drove in eight. Pitcher of the Week Perez had two wins and three Saves, while Nathan won two for the Streaks.

Dirt McGrit 5, The Fighting Amish 5
It wasn't all blowouts though, with nothing to separate these two teams. The Amish edged offense, behind Pedroia's two HR and eight RBI, but McGrit came back strongly on the mound, with a W and 13 strikeouts from Price. They also got two HR from Morneau.

CompleteGameShutout 5, Space Wizard 4
Complete edged Space, taking all five hitting categories and tying Saves, though Space took the other pitching points. Heyward scored 12 and had seven RBI for Complete, with McCann adding three HR. Trumbo had three HR for Space, with Jansen getting a W + three Sv.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1. Sofa King Juiced 107-51-12 .665 - 9-0-1 2 18
2. Mizzoula Osprey 95-66-9 .585 13.5 9-1-0 14 24
3. Waffles 96-70-4 .576 15 9-1-0 7 30
4. MyWieterGetzLongoria 87-71-12 .547 20 8-2-0 6 17
5. Moved Upton 84-78-8 .518 25 8-2-0 4 31
6. Alabama Slammers 80-78-12 .506 27 2-8-0 11 49
7. AZ SnakePit 80-81-9 .497 28.5 1-9-0 1 11
8. Dirt McGrit 78-82-10 .488 30 5-5-0 9 22
Phoenix Platypi 79-83-8 .488 30 2-8-0 3 7
10. Got Grittiness? 77-85-8 .476 32 0-9-1 12 45
11. Space Wizard 72-83-15 .468 33.5 4-5-1 5 2
12. CompleteGameShutout 69-95-6 .424 41 5-4-1 10 37
13. The Fighting Amish 61-101-8 .382 48 5-5-0 13 28
14. Blonde Streaks 60-101-9 .379 48.5 1-9-0 8 13

Week 18 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Sofa King Juiced
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Waffles
Phoenix Platypi vs. Alabama Slammers
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Got Grittiness?
Dirt McGrit vs. Blonde Streaks
CompleteGameShutout vs. The Fighting Amish
Space Wizard vs. Moved Upton

MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Waffles is the ESPN game of the week, pitting two of the top four teams against each other. Wieter has seen good production from Encarnacion (#9 overall), with Hernandez their best pitcher. Waffles have limited pitching, but Segura and McCutchen give them an offense to be feared.