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Dbacks Top 60 Prospects - August 2013

Archie Bradley takes over the #1 spot in our latest Top 60 Prospects list.
Archie Bradley takes over the #1 spot in our latest Top 60 Prospects list.

It's been a little while since I've updated the Top 60 Prospects. I've been waiting a little while to see how many of the newcomers from the draft started out, and some of their rankings were conditional on that. Several names have come off the list due to graduating to the major leagues. Tyler Skaggs and Adam Eaton are losing their rookie status due to playing time, though technically Adam Eaton won't lose his until he has 9 more at bats. Archie Bradley is our new number one prospect with Chris Owings moving up to second and David Holmberg to third.

Quite a bit of volatility on this list since my last edition. Big risers include Brandon Drury, Jake Barrett, Joe Munoz, Kevin Munson and Felipe Perez. Big fallers include Michael Perez, Alfredo Marte, Anthony Meo, Chase Anderson, Keon Broxton and Jon Griffin. Plenty of newcomers debuting in the Top 20 represented by Braden Shipley, Matt Stites, Aaron Blair, Justin Williams, Daniel Palka and Jose Herrera.

As before I include my own little rating system and the legend is at the end of the list. I'm sure there will be plenty of disagreement with my list and it doesn't match up with others. What I think is missing most from the list is impact bats, especially power bats. There are a few guys climbing up the list that may start to fill that void in the near future such as Justin Williams, Daniel Palka, Stryker Trahan and Joe Munoz. The list is deep in pitching, both starting and relief and might rank as one of the best on that front in all of baseball, even after the loss of Tyler Skaggs to graduation.

The list is also devoid of a lot of upper crust prospects. We have a lot of good prospects but not many you might label as "can't miss." Only Bradley fits that description. Everyone below Bradley still carries a certain element of risk and is not a sure thing. I think this is what keeps the Dbacks from being rated in the Top 10 of organizational rankings. it's very possible, and actually likely that a few of these guys might turn into upper crust prospects with their performance over the next few years. But they're just not there yet.

Rank Prospect Pos 2013 Level Age* JB Rating Comments
1 Archie Bradley LHP AA 21 95 Arrival due next year
2 Chris Owings SS AAA 22 86 Hit tool is plus
3 David Holmberg LHP AA 21 85 Solid season
4 Matt Davidson 3B AAA 22 84 Is he legit?
5 Braden Shipley RHP A- 21 83 Very slow start
6 Stryker Trahan C Rookie 19 83 Steady not great season
7 Andrew Chafin LHP AA 22 83 Developing consistency
8 Matt Stites RHP AA 23 83 Might reach bigs next year
9 Jake Barrett RHP AA 21 83 Moving up fast
10 Aaron Blair RHP A- 21 82 Very good pro start
11 Jake Lamb 3B A+ 22 81 Lost 2 months to wrist
12 Brandon Drury 3B A 20 80 Having breakout season
13 Justin Williams OF AZL 18 79 Solid pro start
14 Zeke Spruill RHP AAA 23 76 Big scoreless streak
15 Joe Munoz SS Rookie 19 74 Huge July, breaking out
16 Daniel Palka 1B Rookie 21 72 Hitting out of the gate
17 Michael Perez C A 20 71 Striking out like crazy
18 Kevin Munson RHP AAA 24 70 Light bulb is fully on
19 Jose Herrera C DSL 16 70 Top Int'l catcher signed
20 Nick Ahmed SS AA 23 70 Rebounded from slow start
21 Felipe Perez RHP Rookie 19 67 Looking like a good one
22 Alfredo Marte OF AAA 24 65 Lost his power
23 Anthony Meo RHP A+ 23 65 Converted to relief
24 Michael Bolsinger RHP AAA 25 63 Opening some eyes
25 Sean Jamieson SS A+ 24 62 Outplaying others at SS
26 Charles Brewer RHP AAA 25 60 Has his moments
27 Andrew Velasquez SS/2B A 18 59 Adjusting to high level
28 Chuck Taylor OF Rookie 19 58 Coming on in Missoula
29 Jimmy Sherfy RHP A- 21 55 Super hot start
30 Jamie Westbrook SS AZL 18 56 Decent start to pro ball
31 Chase Anderson RHP AAA 25 54 Converted to relief
32 Gerson Montilla 2B A+ 23 52 Flashing some power
33 Michael Freeman SS AA 25 52 Still holding his own
34 Fidel Pena 2B A 21 51 Solid not spectacular
35 Evan Marshall RHP AAA 23 50 Starting to find it
36 Ben Eckels RHP A- 19 49 Had a rough patch
37 Andrew Barbosa LHP A+ 25 48 Red hot of late
38 Cody Wheeler LHP A+ 23 47 Erratic but lots of Ks
39 Seth Simmons RHP A+ 24 46 Terrific so far in A+
40 Brad Keller RHP AZL 18 45 Great start in AZL
41 Socrates Brito OF A 20 45 Untapped potential
42 R.J. Hively RHP A+ 24 44 Promoted to A+
43 Eury De La Rosa LHP AAA 23 43 Came to earth in Reno
44 Alex Glenn OF Low A 21 42 Not a breakout season
45 Jose Martinez RHP A- 19 40 Scouts like his power arm
46 Matt McPhearson OF AZL 18 40 Slow start in AZL
47 Keon Broxton OF AA 23 39 More cold than hot
48 Blake Perry RHP A 21 38 Improving so hopeful
49 Evan Marzilli OF A+ 22 36 More glove than bat
50 Jonathan Griffin 1B A+ 24 41 Demoted to A+
51 Daniel Watts LHP A+ 23 37 A+ was rude awakening
52 Kevin Medrano 2B A 23 35 Just keeps hitting
53 Breland Almadova OF A 22 34 Playing solidly
54 Zach Esquerra OF A- 21 33 Good start but dinged up
55 Jacob Cordero SS AZL 18 33 Scouts like his tools
56 Dane McFarland OF AZL 18 32 Great tools but raw
57 Jesse Darrah RHP A 23 37 Erratic but better than 2012
58 Rudy Flores 1B A 22 32 Having a power year
59 Ryan Court 3B AA 25 30 Has jumped 2 levels
60 Jose Queliz C Rookie 20 30 Breakout season

90-100 Outstanding prospect. All-Star potential.
80-89 Very good prospect. Potential feature player with above-average production.
70-79 Solid prospect. Has a chance of becoming a starting ML player.
60-69 Good prospect. Has a fair chance of making it to the majors.
50-59 Average prospect. Can make it to the majors with further development.
40-49 Borderline prospect. Can’t be written off yet but odds are against.
30-39 Poor prospect. Long shot to make the Majors.