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FINAL: Diamondbacks 0, Giants 1

Well, that wasn't exactly what I was expecting.

Jennifer Stewart

For those hoping to read a box score that involved Paul Goldschmidt going 4-4 off of Tim Lincecum with sixteen RBIs, I'm afraid your princess game is in another castle box score. Tim Lincecum held the Diamondbacks scoreless over six inning, striking out six while allowing six hits and walking two (both of which were issued to Aaron Hill). Paul Goldschmidt "only" went 1-3 off of Lincecum with a single. Slacker!

The Diamondbacks had a shot at breaking the game open in the sixth, as Arizona had loaded the bases down 1-nil. AJ Pollock (who had already singled in the fifth) was up and laced a ball down the third-base line. Pablo Sandoval made a play reminiscent of the one made by Martin Prado against the Padres, diving to his right to snare the ball and fire it over to first to beat Pollock by a step. As much as it pains me to say, it was an undeniably clutch play. There's my token Giants praise for the decade.

Randall Delgado's new specs must have been working, though, as he gave the Diamondbacks offense a great chance at winning. They just happened to squander it. Delgado went seven strong innings, allowing just one run on five baserunners with three strikeouts. The lone run off of Delgado came from some small-ball from the Giants in the first, on a double/sac bunt/sac fly. Definitely nice to see from a piece in the Upton trade. Though, somewhere, Harold Reynolds sits muttering about how Delgado just doesn't know how to win.

Oh, and the Reds lost, for those still keeping track.